Lizzie Lake

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This article contains old out of date information from an early 1990s edition of the VOC Ski guide. Road conditions may have changed considerably since this article was written.
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Topo of Area

Route at a Glance

Rating Map Refs Road Route Start Elevation High Point Technical Notes
Intermediate 92 J/1 <10km/<3hrs 5km/3hrs 640m 1590m Cabin


From the road on the east side of Lillooet Lake (plowed in winter) follow the Lizzie Creek road (unplowed) SE. As it steadily gains altitude it turns southward, then makes several long switch-backs and ends about 100m from Lizzie Lake (the road up the east fork of Lizzie Creek gives direct access to the Stein Divide).


Contour around the NE shore of the lake, and then make a long rising traverse through a steep area to a hanging valley above the SE end of the lake. Pass through a narrow gorge at the outlet of the hanging valley. The Lizzie Creek Cabin is a short distance up the valley.


Trail Conditions