NH log 2017/18

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  • Questions can go to [email protected]
  • Refer to club handbook; includes AMS club deadlines etc.
  • Transition documents?

Room booking & on Campus Events

  • Done through clubhouse
  • Alcohol serving in the nest requires license and costs $150
  • AMS has benefits for catering etc.
  • Equipment rentals --> Done through the SLSC
  • Partnering with outside organizations --> All contracts with outside organizations require approval by the AMS

AMS Benefits

  • Room booking
  • Free money
  • SLSC has free printing, discounts on posters, t-shirts, etc.

Event log

Chronological list of events as they come. Italics denote things that (still) need to be done for the event.


New/Old Exec Potluck

---Lianne's house. All went well, good turnout.

VRCG Education Series - Mar 24

  • Book room

---Venue booked off campus; VOC no longer involved


Climb & Conquer info night - Apr 21

  • Book room
  • Nick Hindley to give speech/presentation to highschoolers on the transition into university, life after hs, and outdoor leadership
  • Could use one more speaker

---Run in back room at hive ---Isobel also spoke ---Younger audience than anticipated

Summer Peak Bagging Challenge

  • Should be posted mid April

---Was posted Apr 31, should post sooner

  • Ask companies for some sweet prizes - Start by end of March. Grandwall, Arc'teryx?, Cliffhanger for memberships, Bivouac memberships, VOC swag, Free copy of CTB?

---Grandwall, Valhalla Pure sponsor. VP will provide grand prize ---Well received ---Scoring and submission system could use refining Summer Peak Bagging Challenge


Proposal for via ferrata on Habrich

  • 3rd party wants to construct VF, non-commercial
  • Most seem opposed (SAS, ACC?..), VOC leaning towards opposition due to sensitive habitat and liability to turn into commercial interest?

---What became of this?

Clubs day rappel

  • Make it happen - should begin planning asap, before the end of March.
  • Contact AMS to get things rolling with insurance; Must be in place >3 months in advance. Must be sorted by mid-May at LATEST

---Contacted early April, No response from AMS rep, no time to follow up. Too late now (10/05/17)



  • Excellent turnout of ~300-350, many alumni, great speakers
  • Very well organized, with distinct VOC flare. Especially liked the VOC museum...

Centennial Coffee Table Book

  • Wow
  • Great final result, sold ~200 copies in the first couple weeks
  • Elliott and CTB team received Silver pin at the banquet for their efforts

Imagine day

  • Success, over 850 signed up for mailing list, will see how well attended info night is...
  • Beneficial to be 'Health and Wellness' section? Though this may not be the most appropriate (none of the options are) it seems to have worked out very well as this is the first place people go when released from the pep rally. As a result the VOC table was swamped from 1-4pm