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This contains examples of various things you might want to do in the WIKI.

To see how to do something, pretend-edit this page and the "source code" will be revealed.

This page will likely be moved and extensively edited, so please don't mess with it.

  1. If you want a list with consecutive numbers, prefix each line with #
  • or if you want each line to start with a little blue box, prefix with *
  • To refer to a .pdf file in a wiki page. First upload the file to the wiki.

This puts the link on the page, renaming it. The name is perhaps a little terse. Example: Part 1 (PDF)

  • To refer to a .doc file in a wiki page.

Example: Piotr's Clubs Days Guidelines

  • to display a small picture or thumbnail (first upload the thumbnail to the wiki, then put the following in your code

Example: Avy.jpg

  • to display a larger picture, first resize the picture to 600 x 800 max, before uploading it and inserting it in your page.


  • to display a thumbnail which you can click on to display a larger picture, you have to upload the thumbnail and the bigger picture