Sentinel Bay Glaciology Huts

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Sentinel Bay Glaciology Huts
The smaller of the two Huts.
Overnight Capacity 6-8 (4 in Large Hut/2-4 in Small Hut)
Elevation 1556m
BC Parks Fee $10/night (PAY ONLINE HERE)
Reservations No
Locked No
Access Burton Hut Centennial Trail
Built Year
Caretaker unknown
  • Status: Unknown

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The Sentinel Bay Glaciology Huts are two small shelters located in Sentinel Bay, about 500m back from Garibaldi lake. The huts are maintained for glaciology research, but are left open for visitors (at least in the winter). The smaller hut sleeps 2-3, the larger one sleeps 4-5, and neither has much room for cooking and living space. The nearby Burton Hut in Sphinx bay is more luxurious and is only a short ski away across the frozen lake.



First come first serve, however, the Non-VOC Hut Registration page is available to help coordinate use.
For the most up to date information on the Hut see the Bulletins on the Hut Registration Page. View the bulletin archive here.

A BC Parks Wilderness Camping Permit must be purchased for any overnight stay in Garibaldi Park that is not at one of the established campgrounds (such as Garibaldi Lake Campground). The Wilderness Permit must be purchased regardless of whether you are a VOC fee-paying member, or not and it is in addition to any other fees. Wilderness camping is only permitted if you are at least 2km away from any established trail or reservable campground or, you are in the designated wilderness camping zone. All overnight stays at Burton Hut or the Sentinel Bay Glaciology Huts require a Wilderness Camping Permit. This applies to any member of the public including VOC members. Permits can be purchased from Discover Camping up until 5pm the day you intend to arrive. The penalty for not paying $144 per person. The BC Parks Wilderness Camping Permit comes into effect 2018 April 10th


The hut is accessed via the Burton Hut Centennial Trail


The information on this page is just a snapshot. See the Hut Inventory Page for complete information on tools and materials at the Hut

Heating None
Lighting None
Cooking None
Fire Safety None
First Aid None
Sleeping Benches. Foamys
Capacity 6-8 (2-3 in Small Hut/4-5 in Large Hut)
Drinking water unknown
Human Waste No Outhouse
Greywater unknown
Garbage Pack it out.



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