Snowspider Hut

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Snowspider Hut
Hut in early winter, 2005
Overnight Capacity 6
Elevation 1535m
Fee By Donation
Reservations No
Locked No
Access Twin One FSR
Van Horlick FSR
Keith's Hut via Vantage-Matier Col
Built 1993
Caretaker Unknown
  • Type: Untenured

Snowspider Hut is a small wilderness hut located at the southern edge of the Joffre Group on the Twin One-Van Horlick pass. There are three small lakes within the pass and the hut sits on a small peninsula at the south-eastern edge of the middle lake (the biggest). Often the Hut will be snowed over in the winter and can be challenging to find. The hut has a three-burner propane stovetop for cooking, a collection of pots and pans, a wood stove for heating, an open-wall outhouse (aka. a throne) and a loft that can sleep 4 cozily although for VOC standards can fit a few more without issue. The Hut is really well put together and stays warm and dry through the winter.


The Hut was constructed in 1993 by the Whistler Ski and Kayak Club with local logs. Other hut elements such as the chimney and stove were hauled in from the Van Horlick FSR.

Use and Access

This Hut is not maintained by the VOC but rather is untenured and has no apparent owner. Even so, a cash box is present at the Hut for donations. Any donations received are likely appreciated by those individuals who keep the hut facilities in good condition and stocked with wood and propane. It is politely requested by those same volunteers that those wishing to use the hut in the winter access it by non-motorized means. The hut is mostly used in the winter and to coordinate use for a better likely hood of arriving and not having to tent, our Hut Registration Board can be used. Keep in mind that some don't likely use our registration board.

No reservations are taken, but please see the VOC Hut Registration page to help coordinate use.
For the most up to date information on the Hut see the Bulletins on the Hut Registration Page. View the bulletin archive here.

Approaches are via Van Horlick FSR, Twin One FSR, or via Vantage col from the Flavelle (Cerise) Hut access. In mid-October 2011, a VOC party drove up Twin One FSR for about 11 km and then navigated to the hut by GPS. This approach seems easiest, providing the Twin One FSR isn't blocked by snow. If going all the way by snowmobile, the Van Horlick approach may be better, though there area a couple of places where the creek must be waded, where there used to be a bridge.


Heating Wood Stove
Wood stacked, split and placed under plastic at the sides of the Hut.
Lighting None
Cooking Three Burner Stove (Propane Tank)
4 woks, 6 Steak knives, Fondue Forks, 8 wine glasses
Other miscellaneous pots and cookware
Fire Safety
First Aid
Sleeping 3 inch foam mattresses and 2 poor condition sleeping bags
Capacity 4 in loft, 2 on floor.
Drinking water Lake/Creek to the South
Human Waste Throne Outhouse with Roof
Hand santizer
Greywater Sink
Garbage Pack it out



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