Stu Inn

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Stu Inn (Kyber Smoke Shack)
The Stu Inn circa 2015 in the summer.
Overnight Capacity 0
Elevation 1809m
Fee None
Reservations No
Locked No
Access Upper Peak to Creek (Whistler-Blackcomb)
Built Unknown
Caretaker Unknown
  • Type: Untenured

The Stu Inn (aka. the Kyber Smoke Shack) is a small wilderness shelter just outside the Whistler-Blackcomb resort boundary on the foreboding Khyber Ridge (spelt both ways). Khyber Ridge runs East-West and separates the Creekside drainage to the North from the treacherous Cheakamus Lake drainage to the South. Do not venture here in winter unless you plan to head immediately back to the ski resort or have an intimate knowledge of the terrain. The Hut has no facilities (cooking, heating, lighting, water, sleeping space) but does have a small counter top and bench (seating for two).


To access the Hut from the top of Peak Chair, follow the Upper Peak to Creek run past Bagel Bowl nearly to it's eastern most edge. Before the run turns completely North the run will do a sort of an "S" bend. Right after this "S" bend on skiers left is a patch of trees. This patch of trees stretches past the ski area boundary and in the center near the back (eastern edge) of the tree patch is the Hut. In the summer the Hut can also be accessed from hiking up from the Microwave Tower Road.



Khyber Ridge and Million Dollar Ridge can provide some of the best slack country powder particularly when other areas have been skied out, however, take extreme precautions before skiing here. The terrain in this area has many micro features and terrain undulations than can cause even the most experienced navigators to become disoriented. Additionally, when skiing out from the Hut DO NOT ski any more than 200m to skiers left (south). Proceeding any farther in this direction will force you into the Cheakamus Lake drainage with serious consequences including exposure to very large overhead avalanche paths, erratic cliff bands and a very long and bushy ski out along the Cheakamus Lake summer access trail. Ski out from Khyber Ridge back to Creekside is via the Microwave Tower Road and is aptly named by the "Whistler Lifesaving Road". Beware that to reach Creekside one must take a right (NNE) about 3km from the microwave tower. Otherwise you will end up at the base of Cheakamus Lake Road. Of course, if you were trying to get to the Whistler Hi Hostel you could try and deliberately do this.

Mountain Biking

The Hut is a popular destination in the summer for mountain bikers.



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