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This template is for the VOC Hut Registration Page. It is used at the start of the page as a guide for new users on how to edit the wiki and insert a registration.

How to Register

Sign in to the VOCWiki on the log in page (or create an account). Add a line to the appropriate hut section with your registration (see below). Include the following information:

  • The date you plan to be in the area
  • The size of your group. Do not describe your party size as "hut full".
  • Your contact information - your phone number, email address.

For help with editing the wiki, see help:contents.

We suggest that non-VOC members give the VOC a donation of $10 per person per night, payable online or in the blue lock box inside the hut. If you are using hut facilities but tenting, consider donating $5 per person.

Please update your registration if any details about your group change. Please be respectful of other user's and don't delete their registrations without their permission.

At the end of each month, we record how many registrations we had for the month and then delete the old registrations. The data is recorded in the VOC Hut Registration Archive page at the end of each month. Help us to collect accurate data by keeping your registration as accurate as possible.

For any help with registering, or if you have any questions, contact the VOC Hut Coordinator, Declan Taylor, or the VOC Access Coordinator, Haley Foladare at [email protected]