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This template is for the VOC Hut Registration Page. It is used before the bullets where people put their registration.

The VOC Registration Board's are remaining open only so that users may get an idea of who they may encounter in the vicinity of our Huts. The VOC is asking users NOT to enter our huts this winter due to COVID. The VOC does not have the ability to sanitize the huts or contact trace.

Date: Group of X VOCers and/or Y non-VOCers, name, contact information (please maintain chronological order!)
Example: *2000 July 29-Aug2: Group of 2 VOC and 3 non-VOC, John, johndoe at gmail.com
Remember - it's a registration not a reservation. Make a donation for your stay here, and please fill out this short survey to help us know how many people are using the hut.