Tenquille Lake

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This article contains old out of date information from an early 1990s edition of the VOC Ski guide. Road conditions may have changed considerably since this article was written.
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Topo of Area

Route at a Glance

Rating Map Refs Road Route Start Elevation High Point Technical Notes
Intermediate 92 J/7, 92 J/10 few meters 10km/5hrs 240m 1720m 2-3 Days, Cabin, Copper Mound:2160m


Park near the Lillooet River bridge and take an old road to the right on the north side of the bridge. The trail begins a few meters up the road on the left.


Follow the trail straight up through woods to an old logging road. The trail follows this for a while then traverses up Wolverine Creek, and then across an old rock slide. A little searching may be required to find the markers on the other side; they are slightly uphill of the entry point. The route follows the right hand side of Wolverine Creek up to the pass and then down to the head of the lake. The Tenquille Lake Cabin is located just inside the trees by the lake. The cabin may be buried in snow, but the chimney can usually be spotted.


  1. Avalanche hazard above tree line and on trail below Copper Mound.

Trail Conditions