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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 26
VOCJ26 thumb.jpg
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Darlene Anderson
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
For Julian Harrison i Bruce Fairley
President's Message iii Jay Page
Journal Editor's Message iv Darlene Anderson
VOC Executive 1 1982-83 and 1983-84
Grad News and Social Events 2 Mary MacLean
Awards 4 Darlene Anderson
Birkenhead Mountain 6 Alan Dibb Birkenhead Mountain
Moat Lake Boat Club Mob 6 Mike Brett Moat Lake
Cathedral Lakes Provincial Park 7 Alan Dibb Cathedral Lakes Provincial Park
Miller Creek 9 Pierre Friele Miller Creek
Pykett Peak 10 Alan Dibb Pykett Peak
The Pemberton Icecap 12 Jay Page Pemberton Icecap
North Face of the West Lion 14 Tony Webb West Lion
Comox Glacier 15 Brian Dusting Comox Glacier
Sheer, Skypilot and the Pulpmill Show 16 Wolfgang Jurgensen Skypilot Massif
Sloan, North Face 17 Bruce Fairley Sloan
Manatee Glacier 19 Denise Hart Manatee Glacier
Northeast Buttress of Slesse Mountain 22 Kobus Barnard Slesse Mountain
Mother's Buttress 24 Maria Dibb Mother's Buttress
Canadian Border Peak 26 Peter Celliers Canadian Border Peak
A Short Account of the Long March 28 Comrade Driscoll
Attempt on Mount Waddington's South Face 31 Kobus Barnard Mount Waddington
How to Paddle a Four Day Circuit in Ten Days 34 Paula Burgerjon Bowron Lakes
The Hiking Business in a Canoeing Park 36 Wolfgang Jurgensen Bowron Lakes
Cycle Hiking in the Southern Selkirks 37 Anita Miettumen Souther Selkirk Ranges
Mt. Athelstan 40 Graham Underhill Mt. Athelstan
Mount MacDonald was the Destination 41 Vicki Venner Mount MacDonald
Mt. Hozameen 43 Tony Webb Mt. Hozameen
Marble Canyon 44 Audrey Pearson Marble Canyon
Glacier School, Coleman Glacier, Mt. Baker 45 Greta Zenk Coleman Glacier, Mt. Baker
Olympic Beach 49 North to South Team Olympic Beach
Singing Pass 51 Audrey Pearson Singing Pass
Pinecone Lake Area Peaks 52 Alan Dibb Pinecone Lake Area Peaks
Mt. Outram 52 Darlene Anderson Mt. Outram
Shannon Falls 54 Kobus Barnard Shannon Falls
Tonquin Valley Christmas Trip 55 Debbie Phillips Tonquin Valley
Lizzie Lake Ski Trip 57 Anita Miettumen Lizzie Lake
McGillivray Christmas Trip 59 Audrey Pearson McGillivray cabin
Silverspray Christmas Trip 62 Al Knutson Silverspray
Cantilever Christmas 64 Bruce Fairley Cantilever range
Wedge is Fine in the Winter Time 66 Marc Scaife Mt. Wedge
Atomic Pok 67 Pierre Friele Mt. Wedge
Mt. Sedgewick 68 Anita Miettumen Mt. Sedgewick
Tricouni Meadows 69 Anita Miettumen Tricouni Meadows
Mt. Laughington, haha 70 Wolfgang Jurgensen Mt. Laughington
The Neve Traverse and Garibaldi Ascent 71 Marc Scaife Neve Traverse
Harrison Hut 73 John Croockewit Harrison Hut
ATale of a New Yorker in B.C. 74 Deborah Bray
Metric Food Planning 76 John Baldwin Food Planning
The Chickens and the Fox 80 Alan Dibb The Chickens and the Fox
Thirty Rough Drafts 82 Jay Page Ski Touring
The Brew Hut, Chapter II 85 Jay Page Brew Hut
Guidelines for Choosing VOC Alpine Hut Sites 87 Jay Page and Alan Dibb VOC Alpine Hut Sites
The VOC 50 Years Ago 90 Jay Page
Lost in a Cave 93 Jay Page
Castleton Spire: Utah 96 Rob Driscoll
And Now a Word From Our Sponsors
Index of Special Articles (1958-83) 104 Darlene Anderson