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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 27
VOCJ27 thumb.jpg
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Francois Welt 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
President’s Message i Tony Webb
Journal Editor’s Message ii Francois Welt
VOC Executive v 1984-85 and 1985-86
VOC Grad News vi Bruce Fairley
Social Events viii Bill Durtler
High Magnitude – Low Frequency 1 Pierre Friele
Spearheads Traverse 2 Anders Ourom Whistler/Blackcomb
Blowdown Creek 3 Leisbet Croockewit Whistler, Duffy Lake
Ben Lomond 4 Betsy Fletcher Ben Lomond peak
Harrison Hut 5 Alan Dibb Harrison Hut
Early VOC Herds at Sphinx Camp 6 Francois Welt Sphinx Glacier
The Lillooet Icecap 8 Tony Webb Lillooet Icecap
White-Out! 12 Darlene Anderson Lillooet Icecap
The Lillooet Icecap – The Third Week 18 Brian Waddington Lillooet Icecap
Baker or Bust 21 Anita Miettunen Mt. Baker
Mount Rexford 23 Peter Celliers Mt. Rexford
Aspen 24 Darlene Anderson Mt. Marriott
Icemantle Glacier 26 Brian Waddington Mt. Pitt
Golden Ears 28 Anita Miettunen Golden Ears Provincial Park
Band-Aid 29 Bill Durtler Grand Wall
Women’s Attempt to Mount Sun God 32 Paul Phillips Sun God
Banff National Park – Front Range 33 Alan Dibb Banff
Tricouni Meadows 37 Betsy Fletcher Tricouni peak, Cypress peak
Liberty Bell – Washington Pass 38 Jacquie Gijssen Liberty Bell
Mount Redoubt North Face 40 Bill Durtler Mt. Redoubt
Outer Space 42 Paul Rapp Outer Space (Leavenworth, Washington)
The Gods Must Be Crazy 44 Maria Dibb Hamson Hut, Leavenworth
”The South Easter Blues” Is Good News 48 Erika Keterhals
Lizzie Lake 50 Leisbet Croockewit
The Olympic Beach and a Day in the Rain Forest 51 Francois Welt
Mountain Lake Hut 53 Pierre Friele
Mountain Lake Christmas Trip 54 Betsy Fletcher
Kokanee Christtmas Trip 55 Mark Nielsen
Across the Neva and Down the Barrier for Old Time’s Sake 60 Audrey Pearson
The Ski School 63 Leisbet Croockewit
High Time on Habrich 64 Bruce Fairley
Ipsoot 65 Brian Waddington
The Thin Edge of the Wedge 67 Brad Boyle
Mount Judge Howay 70 Kobus Barnard
Climbing Etiquette 73 Alan Greer
Brew Hut – Chapter III 75 Pierre Friele
VOC and the Guidebook Game 76 Bruce Fairley
The VOC Policy Committee 81 Darlene Anderson
The Role of the VOC 83 Henry Marsden
Off Trail Ski Routes at Cypress Park 84 Alan Dibb
Well, Since You Did Ask, Deah Gurl… 87 John Pringle