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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 28
VOCJ28 thumb.jpg
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Tim Booth 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
Editor's Message i Tim Booth
President's Message ii Darlene Anderson
VOC Executive v 1984-85 and 1985-86
Grad News vi Darlene Anderson
Toward Mt. Hozameen 2 Francois Welt Hozameen, Mt.
Mt. Ranier (First Attempt) 4 Chris Lague Ranier, Mt.
Cayoosh Mountain or 'A Lesson about Cornices' 5 Darlene Anderson Cayoosh Mountains
A Ski Traverse of the Misty Icefield 6 Brian Waddington Misty Icefield
Mt. Baker 10 Chris Lague Baker, Mt.
Mt. Ranier 11 Chris Lague Ranier, Mt.
Squamish Cheakamus Divide 15 Peter Stone Squamish Cheakamus Devide
Tricouni 16 Bev McLeod Triconi
Slesse 18 Darlene Anderson Slesse
Mt. Cheam 20 Phil Gunning Cheam, Mt.
Matier and Rex's Pillar 20 Chris Lague Matier; Rex's Pillar
A Ghost Story 21 Phil Gunning Fitzsimmons Creek; Singing Pass
A Beginner's Guide to the North Ridge of Wedge Mountain 25 Terry Jarris Wedge, Mt., North Ridge
Lake Lovelywater Area 28 Chris Lague Lovelywater, Lake
The Yahoos Storm Wahoo 31 Broose Fairley Wahoo
The Most Common Boat Ralphing Technique 35 Dave Williams/Erika Kellerhals Kyuquot; West Coast
University Wall 40 Andy Pacheco University Wall
Prussik Peak 43 Andy Pacheco Prussik Peak
Mt. Cayley 45 Darlene Anderson Cayley, Mt.
Swimming up the Lions 49 Chris Lague Lions, The
Sphinx Glacier Christmas Trip 51 Markus Kellerhals Sphinx Glacier
Stanley Mitchell Cabin, Yoho National Park 54 Andy Piotrowski Yoho National Park (Stanley Mitchell Cabin)
Mt. Brunswick: My Christmas Trip! 57 Chris Lague Brunswick, Mt.
Winter's Compromise--Human Eyes 59 David Williams Diving
A Matter of Survival? 60 Chris Laurin Brew Hut
Miller Creek 63 Markus Kellerhals Miller Creek
Brew Cabin 64 Tim Booth Brew Cabin
A Short Course for Climbing Instructors 67 A. Rock Jock
When the Valley Means Yosemite 72 Gelen Hurley Brown