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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 29
VOCJ29 thumb.jpg
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Denise Hart 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
For Jennifer Robinson: A Prayer from Nepal i Audrey Pearson
President's Message ii Rob Driscoll
Journal Editor's Message iii Denise Hart
VOC Executive 1 1985-1986 and 1986-1987
VOC Grad News 2 Denise Hart
The Social Scene 5 Dave Robinson
Banquet and Awards, 1986 6 Denise Hart
Chimai Mountain 7 Tim Booth
A Weekend of Total Extremes 8 David Williams
An Ascent of Mt. Weart 9 Francois Welt
Sky Pilot 10 Betsey Fletcher
Cornice 11 Anonymous
Salal Creek 12 Francois Welt
Fountain Mountain: a Journey into the Natural World 13 Pierre Friele
Mt. Baker: Skiing the Easton Glacier 14 Tim Booth
Mt. Garabaldi and the Neve Traverse 16 Tim Booth
Mt. Crerar 18 Brian Waddington
Liberty Ridge- Mt. Rainier 19 Darlene Anderson
Hot Springs Cove: There and Back Revisited 22 David Williams
Mt. Thiassi 25 Peter Celliers
Mt. Samson: First Ascent of the North Face- West Summit Arete 26 Chris Lague
Tetrahedron I 31 Terry Jarvis
South Face of the Viennese Peak 34 Enrico Kindl
Barf-out! 35 Tim Booth
Wedge Mountain 37 Jim Chesko
Rockies 39 Peter Stone
Mount Tantalus 42 Chris Lague
Tantalus, A Beginner's Guide to the "Big Time" 47 Terry Jarvis
Sky Pilot 52 Dan Hurley
How to get Rid of a Cold 55 Anonymous
Mt. Rexford 55 Judy Needham
Tetrahedon II: The Return Visit 57 Terry Jarvis
Annual VOC Leavenworth Invasion 59 Tim Booth
Adventures in Climbing: Leavenworth 59 John Puddlefoot
Mt. Rainier 63 Judy Needham
Slesse Mountain 65 Enrico Kindl
The East Summit of Mt. Callaghan 66 Steven Dods
Meager Group 67 Chris Lague
Northeast Buttress of the West Lion or How to Have an Epic Close to Home 70 Enrico Kindl
Northeast Buttress of the West Lion 72 Muriel Pacheco
A Sensible Approach to Nailing 75 Enrico Kindl
Jungleering in the Snow: Harvey's Pup 76 Tim Booth
Singing Pass New Year's Trip 77 Ken Andrews, Karen Broom and Bryar Smith
A Mountaineering Adventure in Mexico--And Other Tales 80 Darlene Anderson
Ski Adenture in Manning Park: The Cambie Creek Crusade 86 Scott Merriam
Rhododendron Weekend 87 Denise Hart
Rainbow Lake Area 89 Chris Lague
A Review of Some Classic Climbs 92 Bob Driscoll
The Lemon Song 95 Bill Durtler
Lost in the Dark 98 Mike Hayden
Expect the Unexpected 101 Ann Rahme