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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 30
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Jeff Greenwood 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
Enrico's Last Climb i Richard Howes
The President's Message ii Richard Howes
Journal Editor's Message iii Jeff Greenwood
VOC Executive 1
Grad News 2 Jeff Greenwood
The Social Scene 4 Mike Hayden
Banquet 1987 5 Jeff Greenwood
WINTER 1986-87
Mt. James Turner 7 Muriel Pacheco James Turner, Mt.
The Assault on Atwell 11 Jim Chesko Atwell Peak
Birkenhead Mountain 14 Tim Booth Birkenhead Mountain
We Never Found the Cabin!-Dickson Range 15 Tim Booth Dickson Range
Mt. Sir Richard 16 Dave Robinson Sir Richard, Mt.
Yosemite Valley 20 Jeff Greenwood Yosemite Valley
Marble Canyon 25 Dave Robinson Marble Canyon
Anderson River Valley-Yak Peak 27 Muriel Pacheco Anderson River Valley
Forbidden Mountain 29 Cynthia Hamilton
Simpletons on Slesse 30 Richard Howes Slesse Mountain
Mount Hozomeen 39 Greg Statter Hozomeen, Mt.
Mount Baker: North Ridge 40 Andy Pacheco Baker, Mt.
James Turner 43 Judy Needham James Turner, Mt.
Mount Robie Reid 44 Muriel Pacheco Robie Reid, Mt.
Shattered Dreams 47 Richard Howes Robson, Mt.
View From a Hospital Window 56 Richard Howes Macbride and District Hospital
Mount Rexford 56 Judy Needham Rexford, Mt.
Viennese--East Ridge 57 Muriel Pacheco Viennese Peak - East Ridge
Around the Yukon in 14 Days 59 Steve Dods The Yukon
A Weekend in Mid-August: A Sign of Declining Times 61 Jim Chesko Habrich, Mt.
Mount Matier 64 Andy Pacheco Matier, Mt.
Mount Habrich 66 Markus Kellerhals Habrich, Mt.
Rhododendron 67 Judy Needham Rhododendron
Longhike '87 68 Brad Nixon AMS Whistler Lodge
VOC Glacier School '07 70 Ruth Brighouse Baker, Mt.
Glacier School 72 Lisa Moody Baker, Mt.
Mount Brunswick 74 Nick Folkard Brunswick, Mt.
Good Times at Squamish 75 Eric Clemson Squamish
Smoke Bluffs--Rain Get in Your Eyes 76 Nick Folkard Smoke Bluffs
WINTER 1987-88
Winter Ascent of Mount Blackstrap 78 Mike Hayden Blackstrap, Mt.
Joshua Tree 81 Theresa Duynstee Joshua Tree
Stiff Little Fingers: Joshua Tree at Christmas 84 Nick Folkard/Markus Kellerhals Joshua Tree
Adventure in Paradise 85 Laurie Newell Joshua Tree
Walking on the Wild Side 88 Geoff Harris Hidden Valley - Wild Side
Roger's Pass New Year Trip 96 Paul Stolorz Roger's Pass
Diamond Head the Hard Way 98 Chris Bonington/Nick Folkard Diamond Head
Yakking on the Seymour 99 Geoff Harris Seymour River
Winter Longhike 102 Nick Folkard Cypress
A Short Ski Close to Home 103 Richard Howes Downtown Vancouver
A Snowcave on Brandywine 104 Fern Hietkamp Brandywine
Me Memories of Enrico 106 Chan Kwon Kim
The Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia 109 R.W. Holcombe
Wanering Around in the Local Mountains 111 Petere Stone Local mountains
U.B.C. Intamurals 116 Jeff Greenwood
A Midwinter Ascent of Mt. Ranier 118 Richard Howes Ranier, Mt.
And Now a Word from our Sponsors... 120