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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 31
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Nick Folkard 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
Burton Hut 9 Tom Baumann Burton Hut
A Trip to Paradise 11 James Chesko Julian Harrison Hut (Overseer Area)
Leavenworth, Washington 16 Tom Baumann Leavenworth, Wash
This is Really Easy! 19 Tom Baumann Ashlu, Mt.
The West Coast Trail 19 John McCarter West Coast Trail
A Solo Canoe Trip in the Gulf Islands 21 Scott Phillips Gulf Islands (solo trip)
South Peak of Mt. Judge Howay - Kindl Buttress 24 Kobus Barnard Judge Howay, Mt. (South Peak - Kindl Buttress)
Three in the Yukon 27 Nick Folkard Yagi Peak; Archibald, Mt; Vulcan, Mt
Grainger Peak: The J-Crack 33 Andy Pacheco Grainger Peak: The J-Crack
Spring Skiing on Baker 35 Eric Clemson Baker, Mt
Crosscut Ridge - Garibaldi Park 36 Muriel Pacheco Garibaldi Park: Crosscut Ridge
Viennese Peak - East Ridge 38 Eric Clemson Viennese Peak: East Ridge
Elaho 1 41 Jan Palaty Manatee Group; James Turner, Mt.
Kayaking in the Queen Charlottes 44 Reena Meiger-Drees Queen Charlotte Islands
Hozomeen - An Epic 47 Judy Needham Hozomeen
The Columiba Icefields 48 Jacki Backhouse Columbia Icefields; Columbia, Mt.
Mt. Shuksan 50 Eric Clemson Shuksan, Mt
Slesse Northwest Face 52 Greg Statter Slesse Northwest Face
Elaho 2 53 Jan Palaty Manatee Group; Elaho
Harrison Hut on Labour Day 56 Steven Dods Harrison Hut
Manning Park 57 Tom Baumann Manning Park
Report of the 1988 Don Whillans Memorial "In Your Cups" 58 Ken Legg Don Whillans Memorial
Fall Longhike 59 Reena Meijer-Drees Longhike
VOC Trip to Grouse and Crown Mountains 60 John Omielan Grouse Mtn.; Crown Mtn.
A Lake Caroli.ne Thanksgiving: Alpine Lakes National Forest, Leavenworth, Washington 60 Leavenworth
Elaho 3 62 Jan Palaty Elaho
Skypilot - A Great Introduction to the VOC 64 Reena Meijer-Drees Skypilot
The Ballad of the Bus, Or: Of Baker, Buses, Barmaids and Black Rats 66 Nick Folkard Humour
Rogers Pass 67 Brad Nixon Rogers Pass
Flow with the Wheeler Experience 71 Dean Allen Rogers Pass
Buried Alive 71 Eric Clemson Wheeler Hut (Illecillewaet Glacier Trail)
Avalanche!! 73 Brad Nixon Wheeler Hut (Illecillewaet Glacier Trail)
Harrison Hut (Christmas) 75 Greg Bissegger Harrison Hut
Joshua Tree 77 Alice Waterman Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree: Not Just a Load of Old Boulders 78 Nick Folkard Joshua Tree
VOC Glacier School 1988 80 Steve Dods Joffre Lakes; Glacier School
The Cypress Epic 81 Steve Grant, Anthony Collett, Andrew Broomhead Cypress Mountain
Storms and Snowcaves in the Spearheads 82 Jan Palaty Sprearhead Mountains
What Can Go Wrong on a Ski Trip? 84 The Mad Irishman Cypress Mountain
Beyond Metaldome... 85 Robson Gmoser Metaldome; Brew, Mt.
Winter Longhike - VOC Goes to the Swiss Chalet 86 Nick Folkard Swiss Chalet @ Glacier, Wash
Shannon Falls 88 Eric Clemson Shannon Falls
Mount Garibaldi 90 Steve Dods Garibaldi, Mt.
Atwell Peak - South Ridge 91 Peter Fredman Atwell Peak - South Ridge
Airheads on Atwell 93 Jeff Greenwood & Greg Statter Atwell Peak - South Ridge
Do's and Don'ts for Ski-Trips 98 Nick Folkard Humour
Pumori 99 Richard Howes Pumori
Coast Mountain Wanderings 103 Peter Stone Coast Mountains
Kebnekaise - And Other Mountains in Sweden 106 Peter Fredman Sweden
Impressions of India and Nepal 110 Catherine McCammon India / Nepal