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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 38
VOCJ38 thumb.jpg
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Verena Blasy 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
President's Message 5 Andrew Gabrys
Editor's Message 7 Verena Blasy
Stunt Director's Message 8 Paul Fearing
VOC Executives 9
Alumni News 12 Markus Kellerhals
Class '45 - Class '55 V.O.C. Reunion 15 Karl Ricker Cypress Bowl; Reunion
The VOC's New Hut 18 Blair Hammond WCB Hut Construction
Free Willy II 23 Drew Brayshaw Bungy Jumping: Nanaimo
The Adventures of the Monarch Icefield Book Club 25 Jan Palaty Monarch Icefield
Goat Ridge 28 Marek Labecki Goat Ridge
Mt Sedgewick 31 Marek Labecki Sedgewick, Mt.
Where the Icefields Have No Name 36 Markus Kellerhals Nass River Country
Four Dunderheads Go Skiing in the Waddington Range 40 Lenny Thomas Waddington Range
A Trip Up North in the Babemobile 51 Joanna Wood Stuart Lake
Four Wettings and a Funeral 53 Drew Brayshaw Cypress Creek
Phil and Brodie's Mystical Adventure to Yosemite (and Beyond) 55 Stringer & Haupt Yosemite
Bugaboo Epic 62 Jason Malloff Bugaboos
Stein Valley Journal 71 Allen & Thorne Stein Valley
The Pup's Butt 76 Drew Brayshaw Harvay's Pup
Summer Love 78 J.W. Poem
Road Trippy 79 Cam Campbell City of Rocks, Idaho
On the Road to the City of Rocks 83 Carl Fleet City of Rocks, Idaho
A Day a the Beach 87 Drew Brayshaw Coquihalla: climbing
Whipper 91 D.B.
August in the Bugaboos 92 Ian Fisher Bugaboos
Baker 99 Drew Brayshaw Baker
You KNOW You're a HARDCORE Climber When 101 Paul Fearing
Upper Stein 102 Judith Shapiro Stein Valley
Climbing in the New Areas - Summer 1995 104 Andy Gabrys Tumbler Ridge
Welcome to the Big Stones 109 Drew Brayshaw Chehalis Area: Climbing
Rumblings on Mount Sedgewick 114 Katrine Vogt Sedgewick, Mt.
Mt. Rainier 117 Igor Burstyn Rainier, Mt.
A Rainier Ramble 120 Mark Grist Rainer, Mt.
Mt. Slesse 122 Neil Kearns Slesse, Mt.
Yak Attack 124 Andy Gabrys Yak Peak
A Tale of Two Tents 128 Horwood & Brady Skaha
Leavenworth, Thanksgiving 1995 129 Andy Gabrys Leavenworth
A Visit to a Remote Alpine Cathedral 130 Mark Grist Cathedral Mountain; Burwell, Mt.
My First Multipitch (a very brief debriefing) 133 Brodie Haupt
Needle Peak 1995 134 Drew Brayshaw Needle Peak
Night Climbing with the Picnic Commandos 136 Paul Fearing Murrin Lake
Rock-Fall 138 Dan Perrakis
How to Fuck with The Minds of Park Rangers 144 Cam and Dru Blanshard's Needle
VOC Glacier School - October 21-22, 1995 146 Andy Gabrys Glacier School
"Ice is for climbing, laddy - not for the single malt" - Anonymous Scot 149 Andy Gabrys
"Fuckin' - A Bubba!!!" 151 Drew Brayshaw Joshua Tree; Red Rocks
An Exercise in Stubbornness 161 Ron Horwood Cypress Bowl
The Christening of Biff, the Stove 164 Lenny Thomas Garibaldi Park/Lake
Brew Cabin - Until the Owl Comes Home 166 Reto Reisen Brew Hut
Joshua Tree Log 168 Blasy & Wild Joshua Tree
Winter Longhike 172 Fearing Huscroft Manning Park; Winter Longhike
The Nostalgia Page 179 Poem
Elizabeth's Travels - Part II 180 Elizabeth Cheu Lynn Headwaters; Lillooet Valley; Reifel Park
Doug's Distance Destinations 182 Doug Wilm Mayne Is.
VOC Road Trip Restaurant and Food Guide 184 Carl Fleet Restaurant Guide
The Newest Outdoor Phenomenon 187 Brodie Haupt Hacky Sack
Rant 188 Drew Brayshaw
Rehabilitation 190 Drew Brayshaw
Living in the Absence of the Cosmic Sugar Daddy 192 Simon Caruth Athabasca
Aconcagua: The South Face 197 Guy Edwards Aconcagua