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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 39
VOCJ39 thumb.jpg
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Daniel Perrakis 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
Table of Contents 3
President's Message 5 Mark Grist
Editor's Message 7 Daniel Perrakis
Head Geek's Message 8 Paul Fearing
VOC Executives 9
Social Scene 12 Judith Shapiro
VOC Alumni News 13 Drew Brayshaw
The New Cabin Update 14 Blair Hammond
An Assault on (by) Sky Pilot 19 Jeremy Frimer
My Very Own Crag 21
Anticipated Union 23 Andre Zimmermann
Redemption at Needle Peak 24 Blair Hammond
Dreaming 28 Drew Brayshaw
Dunderheads II: The Icefield Strikes Back 29 Lenny Thomas
VOC Random Dot Stereogram 35 Paul Fearing
Mt. Cartier 39 Shoshanna Reiter
Cheam and Lady in a Day 41 Drew Brayshaw
The Undisputed Champion of My World 44 Jeremy Frimer
Up Against Myself 46 Drew Brayshaw
A Day in the Valley 48 David Campbell
Phun at Phelix Creek 49 Drew Brayshaw
No Plan, No Ride, No Problem 51 Dave Dexter
The High Point: VOC Wedge Trip 1996 55 Drew Brayshaw
The Ill-Fated Yosemite Adventures of Me and Bobbi McGee 60 Shoshanna Reiter
Rain is a Four Letter Word 62 Joanna Wood
Harrison Lake Cragging 64 Drew Brayshaw
The Great Sedgwick Slog 66 Drew Brayshaw & Shane Cook
Harrison Hut: Two Perspectives 73 Kate Edwards & Steph Fung, Blair Hammond
Needling the Peak 78 Ron Horwood
The Beewhale 80 Drew Brayshaw
Rambling in the Rain Towards Sky Pilot 85 Andre Zimmermann
Climbing in the 'Gunks 86 Meg Thrift
Failure and Success on Willaims Peak 88 Drew Brayshaw
Glacier School - October 1996 92 Andre Zimmermann
Rock With Ron 93 Ron Horwood
Climb 97 Drew Brayshaw
The Night of Terror 99 Robyn Scott
Avalanche School 105 Judith Shapiro
Brewin' 107 Ron Horwood
Winter Longhike Report 109 Robyn Scott
"Jack Left Town..." 111 Drew Brayshaw
Four Fun Hogs Take Utah 125 Shoshanna Reiter
A Powder Poem 129 five members of the VOC
Gravity Works 130 Fern Webb
Cannabis Anyone ? 131 David Campbell
Five Powder Pigs Go Ski The Kootenays 133 Grahame Quan
Mom & Dad's Climbing Ethics 139 Dan Perrakis
"Surfing? Are you nuts?" 141 Robyn Scott
Fear 149 Ron Horwood
The VOC and the Hardcore: Suggestions 150 Drew Brayshaw
"More Ron" 158 Ron Horwood
A Robson Ramble 160 Mark Grist
Thrice Sphinxed 163 Mark Grist