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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 43
VOCJ43 thumb.jpg
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Jeremy Frimer 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
President's Message 5 Elissa Clifford President's Message
Vice President's Message 7 Jan McPhee Vice President's Message
Journal Editor's Message 11 Jeremy Frimer Editor's Message
VOC Executive 13 VOC Executive Pictures
Am I Meant to do This? 25 Jan McPhee Baker, Mt.; Coleman Glacier
And Yet Another Sleepless Night 35 Marsha Hamilton Matier, Mt.
The Tale of Two Approaches 39 Jacqui Hudson Grand Wall; Leavenworth
The East Lion Affair 43 Kelly Franz Lions Bay
Risking the Beanstalk 48 Jeremy Frimer Navado Santa Cruz, Peru
Yak Peak 57 Matt Buckle Yak Peak
Cima Grande di Laverado 62 Kevin Wilder Cima Grande di Laverado, Italy
Close Call on the Grandes Jorasses 67 Robert Steiner Grandes Jorasses, France
Fugitives on Vacation 70 Kelly Franz The Cathedrals
Jiri Spanka 75 Jeremy Frimer Yerupaja, Peru
My David 80 Marsha Hamilton Memorial of David
A Survey of Patagonian Granite 83 Jeremy Frimer Patagonia, Chile
Conceptions of a Mountaineer 94 Shahbaz Tabyanian Mountaineering
The Highest Bergschrung in BC 99 Jay Burbee Waddington, Mt.
La Solitude du Figaro 105 Roberta Holden Figaro, The; sailboat racing
The Circus Visits the Rio Orosi 110 Cam Shute Costa Rica; paddling
Sea to Sky 114 Dave Hildes St. Elias, Mts.; sailing
Pedal and Paddle 126 Elissa Clifford Quadra Island; paddling
Windy 130 Roberta Holden Port Vendres, France; Estartit, Spain
In the Footsteps of the Wolf 135 Martin J. Maines Traverse; Western Canada
Lessons from a Man Who Knows 148 Luke Zimmerman Whitetooth; Selkirks
The Kitchen Sink Award 150 Jeremy Frimer Cerro Torre, Argentina
Korea 153 Dave Campbell Korea
Chilli and Chocolate Fondu 156 Rebecca Goulding Fondu Recipe
Dig Yourself Deep 157 Rebecca Goulding Winter Long Hike
Rocky Horror Show 160 Roland Burton Bow Hut; Lake Louise
High Route from Bralorne to Pemberton on Skis 163 Robin McKillop Tenquille Lake trail
Hard Men Fall the Hardest 168 Roger Linnington "How not to go ski touring"
Turbulent Times in the Coast Mountains 169 Debbie Higgins Coast Mountains
Alcoholic Traverse 171 Roland Burton Alcoholic Traverse
Phelix Creek 173 Adrienne Rombough Waddington Hut
Tenquille Lake 175 Holger Ebhardt Tenquille Lake
Wapta Traverse 177 Mike Davis Wapta Traverse; Rocky Mountains
Marriot Moonshine 181 Shawn Taylor Marriot Basin
Bushwhack to Harrison Hut 183 Krzys Majewski Harrison Hut
Keeha Beach 185 Sandra Nicol Keeha Beach
About My GPS 187 Roland Burton GPS
Marriot Ski Weekend 188 Scott Nelson Marriot Basin
Sunny Places 2001 201 Matt Buckle Red Rocks; Joshua Tree
Out of the Nose 210 Robert Steiner Yosemite
A Little Night Music 218 Kenny Frazz Buildering
Ice Climbing - Not that ARD! 223 Rebecca Goulding Lillooet Ice Climbing Festival
Contemplations on Becoming a Hooker 225 Matt Buckle Hooking
To Kill a Climber 228 Kelly Franz How to kill a climber
The Game of Geese 232 Rebecca Goulding A Smith Rock Poem
Cannabis Farce 233 Jeremy Frimer Cannabis Wall; The Chief
Fat Kidd in the Rockies 235 Conor Reynolds Kidd, Mt.
Outpatients 237 Conor Reynolds An Acent of the Old Incinerator Smokestack
Crap-ilano Classic 241 Dan Perrakis First Free Acent of the Cleveland Dam
The Midnight Set Strikes Again 244 Jeremy Frimer Cleveland Dam
UBC Buildering Select 246 Ard Arwin Buildering at UBC
The Toaster and Other Stories 250 Kelly Franz Meagher, Mt.
Yamalot 254 Arlin Kalenchuck Haiku
The Prow 255 Matt Buckle Yosemite
Climbing as Therapy 264 Cheryl Sy Climbing as therapy
Lillooet Ice-Climbing Festival 2001 267 Kelly Franz Lillooet
Learning to Jug Half-Way up El Cap 271 Mark Huscroft Yosemite
Inclined to Accident 277 Luke Zimmerman Malamute
Prussik Peak and the 3-lb.Yam 282 Sarah Golden Leavenworth; Colchuck Lake; Prussik Peak
The Midnight Watch on Baffin Island 286 Matthew Maddaloni Baffin Island
Squamish Update 294 John Howe Squamish