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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 44
VOCJ44 thumb.jpg
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Sandra Nicol 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
President's Message 4 Jeremy Frimer
VP Past Year Rap-Up 7 Rebecca Goulding
Editor's Message 9 Sandra Nicol
VOC Executive 11
Outdoor Life
Zen and the Art of Nose Picking 19 Jeremy Frimer
The Search for Vancouver 24 Miranda Huron Mamquam FSR; Indian Arm
On (Epic?) Adventure 26 Vincent Johnson
Summer Cycling at Saltspring 27 Miranda Huron Saltspring Island
John Millar's Cinnamon Buns 30 Recipe
When I Was In The VOC 32 Jeremy Frimer
Talking to Bears 38 Roland Burton
Life Is Not That Complicated 40 Erin Tong Brian Waddington Hut; Brew Hut
Where Have All The Flowers Gone? 46 Roland Burton
Winter Longhike - Red Heather 55 Steph Thompson Winter Longhike; Red Heather
A Snowy Night 57 Katja Hoffman Winter Longhike
Avalanche School 61 ed
An Adventure Called Needle Peak 62 Nicole Obadia Needle Peak; Learning to Tele Ski
The Style Was Good 67 Chee Fong Chan Cerise Creek
007 Creek 71 Alisdair Buchanan 007 Creek; Duffy Lake Rd.
Another Low 74 Jeremy Frimer Monarch Icefield
Rohrin' Old Time 76 Sandra Nicol Mt. Rohr; Marriott Basin
Marriott Basin 78 Martin Berka Marriot Basin
Cerise Creek - the Numbers 83 Chris Fraser Broken Board Award
Christmas in Yoho 84 Martin Berka Yoho National Park
Always Check Your Shoes for Scorpions 95 Kelly Franz Red Rocks, NV
Do You Take Travelers' Cheques? 104 Katja Hoffman Red Rocks, NV
Smith Rocks 121 ArdArvin Smith Rocks, OR; Swings; Tyrolean
Longhike 129 Sandra Nicol Longhike
Things to Learn 131 Katja Hoffman
Coolin' Our Heels 134 Sandra Nicol Skaha
A Little Stroll in the Chehalis 136 Matt Buckle Chehalis Range
Questioning 5.9 140 Conor Reynolds Climbing Grades; The Chief: North-North Arete
Solo Affair 144 ArdArvin Buildering at UBC
Update on Kenny Frazz 148 Kenny Frazz
Airplane Bouldering 150 Miranda Huron
Climber's Guide to UBC for Dummies 152 Kelly Franz UBC Campus Climbing
Climbs at Squamish and Smith Rocks 157 Mark Frogg Smith Rocks, OR; Squamish Climbing
The Winter Cragger's Guide to Squamish 162 Matt Buckle Squamish; Winter Climbing
My Year in the Mountains 171 Roland Burton
Earth, Wind, and Snow 189 James Floyer Harvey, Mt.: North Face in Winter
Searching for Adventure on the Wrong Side of the Continent 193 Scott Nelson Adirondacks, NY
An Introductino to Mountaineering 207 Miranda Huron Baker, Mt.
Mount Rainier 211 Martin Godwyn Rainier, Mt.
Wedge Mountain North Arete 215 Scott Nelson Wedge Mtn: North Arete
A Day Trip to the North Twin Sister 223 Sara Leckie Twin Sisters, WA: North Peak
Joffre's Central Couloir 227 Yanik Berube Joffre Peak: Central Couloir; Mountaineering Camp
VOC Mountaineering Camp 233 Chris Michalak Mountaineering Camp
Alpha East Ridge 237 Sandra Nicol Alpha Mtn.: East Ridge; Tantalus Range
Athelstan, 2001 241 Arlin Kalenchuk Athelstan, Mt.: Lillarete
Guide Lines 249 Sandra Nicol
MesLilloet: Nola Free 254 Jason Addy Meslilloet Mtn.; Self Propelled Mountaineering
Prussiks Are Cool 263 Matt Buckle
Southern Discomfort 265 Jay Burbee & Jeremy Frimer Peru, Alpine Climbing
Index of Authors & Sponsors 281