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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 45
VOCJ45 thumb.jpg
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Kristen Beaumont 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
President's Message 6 Chris Michalak
Executive Members 8
Editor's Message 12 Kristen Beaumont
Mt. Columbia in February? 19 Matthew Brown Columbia Icefield
Marriot Hut Day Trip 27 Roland Burton Marriot Basin; Wendy Thompson Hut
Fjallet och Skogen: Exploring Sweden and Lapland 29 Dave Campbell Scandinavia; Sweden
The Arrival 38 Chee Fong Chan Garibaldi Lake; Burton Hut
A White Awakening 42 Mike Young Bird's Nest Hut; Cayoosh Basin; Avalanche
A Humbling Encounter 46 Greg Rekken Bird's Nest Hut; Cayoosh Basin
Brew Hut Ski Trip 49 Ashley Peterson Brew Hut; Gear Problems
My Tarp Leaks: A Winter Longhike Experiment 52 Crystal Penner Manning Park; Quinzie; Winter Longhike
The Whiteout, April 25-27, 2002 54 Chee Fong Chan Garibaldi Neve
Garibaldi Neve Traverse, 2003 61 Chee Fong Chan Garibaldi Neve; Gargoyles; Skiing in a Whiteout
Monarch Icefield Traverse 63 Tim Blair Talchako River; Monarch Icefield
Helicoptor Adventure 77 Roland Burton Evacuation
Brew Hut and The Birth of Microbrew 80 Amanda Brown Micro Brew
Garibaldi Neve in the Summer 81 Roland Burton Garibaldi Neve in Summer
Brew 84 Jeffery Burton Brew Hut; Gully of Death
November 11, 2003: Night Flight to Brew 85 Greg Rekken Brew Hut
Waves and Rain 87 Sandra Nicol Victoria; Juan de Fuca Trail
Longhike 2002 99 Chee Fong Chan Longhike
If Your Clothes are an Expression of Who You Are, Then You Must be Rather Boring 102 Mike Hengeveld Climbing Clothes; Colourful Spandex
A Letter from the "Austrians": Skaha - A Trip Report 104 Thomas Leiter & Gerhard Lindner Kraft Dinner; Stathers' house; Skaha
Epic 5.7 108 Beth Friesen Leavenworth
Dreamer 111 Fern Webb Green Giant Buttress; Darrington; Dreamer
Joushua Tree for Dummies 115 Amanda Brown Border Crossing; Joshua Tree
Climbs that Scare Me 117 Mike Hengeveld Hard Climbs; Scary Climbs
The Romanticised Version of Smith Rock 127 Ileana Costrut Smith Rock; Peanut, The; Helium Moment
J-Tree Trip, Christmas Break 2003 131 Tyler Linn Joshua Tree; Las Vegas; Denny's
Smuggling Tricams 138 Chris Michalak Viennese-Clark Traverse
Kiss the Cod and Long May Your Big Jib Draw 140 Rebecca Goulding Pipeline
Mikey's Offwidth Journal 144 Mike Hengeveld Offwidths, Climbing
Mountaineering Camp 2003 167 Matthew Stockinger Wedgemont Lake; Reuben sandwich; Mountaineering Camp
A Summer in The Northern Rockies 172 Matthew Brown Rockies; Peak bagging
Remembering John Clarke 185 Mark Grist John Clarke; Graeme Pole
Vinni Coyote goes to the Sunshine Coast 189 Vincent Johnson Tetrahedron Provincial Park; Bear Poo
On Getting Hurt and Getting Better 195 Sandra Nicol Climbing Accident; Lead Falling; Injury Recovery
Recipes from My Kitchen to Yours 201 Nicole Obedia Food; Recipes
How to Get a Ride - A step-by-step Guide 210 Crystal Penner Finding rides
Outdoor Food 213 Roland Burton Food; Cooking
Sleeping Around (Campus) 218 Vincent Johnson Living Cheap
The Learning Curve 224 Kristen Beaumont Beginners; Learning
Motivation for Mountains 228 Robin Mckillop Motivation: categories
The Current State of Brew 232 Greg Rekken Special Projects Coordinator; Brew hut