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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 46
VOCJ46 thumb.jpg
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Rebecca Goulding 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
VOC Executive 4
President's Message 8 Roberta Holden
Vice President's Message 10 Christine Stathers
Editor's Message 12 Rebecca Goulding
Guy and JohnKim
Guy Meredith Edwards and John McKim Millar 19 Jacqui Hudson Devil's Thumb
A Tribute to John McKim Millar 22 Jerusha Millar
Cinnamon Buns and Naked Jaunts 24 Lena Rowat
The Turban and The Boulder 30 Conor Reynolds Swachand, India
Once There Were VOCers 32 Rebecca Holden Antartica
Reflections On.. 34 Jacqui Hudson
Wandering 35 Guy Edwards
Are You Keen to be in Contact With You 36 Guy Edwards
Letters to and from Guy 37 Jacqui Hudson
McKimmunism 43 Cam Shute
Where do I Find 45 Rebecca Goulding
Climbing Romance 51 Mike Hengeveld
A Proven Plan for Climbing the Leaning Tower West Face in Yosemite Valley 57 Fern Webb Yosemite, California
Easy Street of Yamnuska 60 Angelique Myles Yamnuska, Canmore, AB
Neon Lightening 66 Fern Webb Squamish, Chief
Ten Steps to Great Climbing Photography 69 Mike Hengeveld
Stein in a Hurry 75 Matthew Brown Stein Valley, BC
Six Lessons in Adventure 80 Robin Attas Lynn Valley, Hanes Valley, Crown Pass
Three Unanswered Questions About Hiking 84 Mike Hengeveld
Tapir Tracks 85 Rebecca Goulding Vilcabamba, Ecuador
Appalachian Trail 88 Verena Blasy Maine, Georgia, USA
Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows (The Nootka Island Trail) 90 Milena Semproni Nootka Island, BC
Naked by a River 94 Sandra Nichol Stein Valley, BC
Travel with Kids 104 Roland Burton
Many Shades of Grey 107 Tim Blair
A Successful Disaster Story 109 Tom Chen Juan de Fuca Trail
The Garibaldi Neve and Elusive Mamquam 119 Matthew Brown Garibaldi Neve
Reflections of a Novice Telemarker 122 Jordan Tam
Winter Long-Haikus 126 Lisa Blachut
It Aint a Walk in the Park (Solo Trip across the Garibaldi Neve) 129 James Floyer Garibaldi Neve
Bridge-Lillooet Divide 134 Scott Nelson Bridge-Lillooet Divide
Tele Touring in Oz 145 Cam Shute Jindabyne, Australia
Free Heel Beta 149 Conor Reynolds
A Summary of Leadership Skills 152 Rick Hudson
Never Pee into the Wind 165 Can Shute Mount Hubbard, St. Elias range, Yukon/Alaska
Overland from Hellraving (A Traverse through the Pantheon and Waddington Ranges) 172 Dave Campbell Patheon, Waddington Ranges
Glacier School, Mt. Baker 181 Emily Chung Mt. Baker
Highlights of the Coast (with Reflections on John Clarke) 183 Dave Campbell
Time spent in Recce is Seldom Wasted 194 Matthew Brown Bugaboos, BC
Glacier School 2003 199 Dave Campbell Mt. Baker
Club Life
City Folks and Country Folks 203 Krzys Majewski
My Name is Ted Haywood-Farmer 207 Ted Haywood-Farmer
Adventures with Mountain Rescue 209 Martin Berka Mt. Seymour
He Broke his Snowboard 215 Martin Berka
The Magic Schoolbus: An Obituary 217 Roland Burton
Untitled 220 Jordan Tam
Tips for Successful Club Trips 222 Mike Hengeveld
A Review of my Year 223 Kasia Celler
Milkradering 225 Pete Hudson
Huts, Including Brew 226 Roland Burton
Correspondance from the Juneau Icefield 229 Roberta Holden Juneau, Alaska
VOC Membership Proficiency Exam 233 Christine Stathers