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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 47
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Steve Begin 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
VOC Executive Committee 2004-2005 5
Presidents Message 10 Matt Brown
Editor's Message 11 Steve Begin
Adventures in Joshua Tree 19 Alasdair Ross Joshua Tree, CA
Yay for Croquet!!! 22 Mike the Dike Buildering; Croquet
Being a short climber... 25 Boris Kkramstov
Mostly just loathing in Las Vegas 27 Nick Waber Red Rocks, Nevada
Welcome to Vantage... 42 Janet Draganov Vantage
Climbing in Blighty 46 Stuart Masterman Peak District, Gritstone
Ice Climbing Virgin 49 Luisa Giles
Jer in Jesusland 55 Jeremy Frimer Vedauwoo, Wyoming
The VOC Method to Smith Rocks... 62 Mike the Dike Smith Rocks
The Fine Art of Trip Planning 65 Dustin Harrison Squamish; Malamute
The Civic and the foods consumed within 66 Jordan Tam
Can you tell me how to get to Joshua Tree? 69 Mike Simons Joshua Tree, CA
A Short Story about Climbing... 71 Julia Kennett Brisbane, Australia
A Tribute 73 Jordan Tam and Boris Khramtsov
Ice Climbing at Wedgemount Lake 75 Jennifer Arnold Wedgemount Lake
How to set effective, enjoyable... 78 Nick Waber Indoor Climbing
Hope Rock 81 Tyler Linn Hope Climbing
Fierce Invalids Home From Cold Mountains... 89 Alex West Tantalus; Pelion, Mt.; Lake Lovelywater
How to Tire Yourself Out on Mount Weart 92 Tyler Linn Wedgemount Lake; Weart, Mt.
Stuck 95 Jeremy Frimer
Bivouac on Yak 97 Matt Brown Yak Peak
Reasons to Ascend 101 Melissa Tan
Tricouni Meadows 103 Tyler Linn Tricouni Meadows
The Wapta seven 106 Chris Petrus Wapta Icefield
Black Holes as Compared... 111 Jacqui Hudson Homathko Icefield
Summer Sphinx Trip 114 Boris Khramtsov Burton Hut; Sphinx Hut
Ferris Wheels and Grizzly Byways... 117 Roberta Holden Fairweather, Mt.
In and Out on the Monarch Icefield 129 Peter Hudson Monarch Icefield; Cerberus, Mt.
Snell's Law for Ski Touring 134 John Simms
Needle Peak Christmas 139 Tyler Linn Needle Peak; Flatiron
Harrison Helicopter Capers 141 Roland Burton Harrision Hut; Meager Creek
Needle Peak: An Exhaustive Trip Report 144 Mike the Dike Poem; Needle Peak
Bridge and Lillooet Rivers... 145 Dave Campbell Lillooet Icefield; Slim Creek; Meager Creek
Losing Weight: From Slim to Meager 150 Sandra Nicol Lillooet Icefield; Slim Creek; Meager Creek
Skiing in Japan 160 Miranda Huron Japan: Skiing
Which Rules More: Climbing or Skiing? 165 Robin Attas
Cerise Creek Spicy Raisin Crinkles 168 Robin Attas Recipe
Salad Buffet 169 Sandra Nicol
The Winter Longhike Fondue 171 Ryan Schaffrick Recipe
Rewards of Sunshine on the S.C.T. 177 Richard So Sunshine Coast
Beginners Guide to the Tantalus Tyrolean 183 Matt Brown Tantalus; Tyrolean; Lake Lovelywater
Bugaboo climbing... 186 Boris Khramtsov Bugaboos
My Trek through the Endowment Lands 191 Ryan Schaffrick Endowment lands
North Stein Divide 192 Dave Campbell Stein Valley; Peak 8350
West Coast Trail 196 Chris Petrus West Coast Trail
Outrigger Creek Horseshoe 197 Dave Campbell Outrigger Peak; Sims Creek
Wapta 2004: About Trip Planning 199 Roland Burton Wapta Seven; Wapta Icefields Traverse
Black Mountain Trail 203 Richard So Eagle Bluffs; Black Mountain
Prepping for the Ruskkies 209 Miranda Huron Russia
Highlights of Hawaii 213 Trish Stathers Hawaii; Honolulu; Haleakala
A different kind of trip 216 Boris Kramtsov USSR; Russia, Sakhalin
Castaway in Fiji 219 Trish Stathers Poem; Fiji
A brief synopsis on Nepal 221 Jan McPhee Journal, Nepal
Fuji-san 235 Miranda Huron Fuji, Japan
Club Reflections
Notes on the Soul-Mending Role 243 Robin Attas
How the VOC got its New Clubroom 245 Conor Reynolds Clubroom
From mountaineering to midwifery 247 Lena Rowat
Why go outdoors? 251 Miranda Huron
Do not bother 253 Kelly Franz Poem
A trip down memory lane 255 Sarah Harrison
Untitled 257 Anonymous Sawmill
This year on the conservation front 259 Tim Blair Chief Gondola; Wildlife Act; Parkland
"I would rather call your mother ugly" 262 Tom Chen