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Subject: Not Metal Dome

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Was a terrific success, no, unfortunately we didn’t make it to the top, but it was still a great adventure nonetheless. We decided in advance actually to head up to metal dome, but Edward was going off a gps track from the internet which went up the same way that the snowmobilers liked, and I was going off the the wiki’s trip description only which is what we ended up going with.

We started off with whinging about 75m of elevation gain over 4km of logging road, which cut across the dogsleds/dogslead tracks of all things (still better than snowmobiles though). Then we whinged more when we had to go through the quite a bit steeper forest to the alpine, then moseyed our way up the base of the mountain, ran out of time, so turned around and went home.

The big mountain happened to not actually be Metal Dome at all, but something apparently actually taller somehow (please email back if you recognize it) that we haven’t figured out the name of yet. Either way, it doesn’t really matter since we didn’t make it up anyways and the skiing was excellent. I might actually be starting to a little bit get the hang of it.

I’ve actually got pictures this time, but no I can not guarantee that any of them are keepers, but hey at least not all of them are blurry this time :D.

Photos are: preview once we got out of the nasty trees. Looking back at our track – we were the left track around that pyramid, kevin’s had enough (presumably whinging), everyone’s had enough, and the last one is just to let you know that yes there was some fresh pow. Also I attached some bonus photos of me cleaning the skin glue off and waxing my skis.

Other news to report (exciting!!!) but that’s coming this Thursday and maybe after our dinner since it’s not necessarily the good kind of exciting (no kid or anything though.)


Full resolution photos:



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