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Brew Trip Nov 10

Purpose I wanted to see if the Roe Creek bridge was still there, drain the hut’s donation box, check for snow for the Debacle, see the outhouse hole that Jeff had dug, see if the solar lighting still worked.  Sherry … Continue reading

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Clear Creek HS Oct 30-31

Listen up, all you would-be hotspringers. This is a real hotspring trip! Picked up Sherry at 10 am and drove uneventfully to Harrison. Bought gas and a glow stick. Successfully passed three logging trucks. At the Clear Creek FSR turnoff … Continue reading

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Advanced Hotspringing in the Pitt River: An Elaho Epic

For Labour Day long weekend, I planned an overland trip to the Pitt River Hot Springs, starting at Watersprite Lake. The evening before we were going to leave, I got an email from Ryan MacDonald saying that he didn’t really … Continue reading

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A Sunrise Adventure

October 19th, 2019: It was to be an early morning adventure. Plagued by midterm season, us students sought a weekend outdoor adventure, yet wanted to alot time for studying. Thus, the sunrise hike was planned. I was awoken from a … Continue reading

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Overly Optimistic Outings lead to Truly Terrific Turns

We were surprised at the pretrip that only 3 people wanted to try to ski in mid October. Johan, Seton and I decided that the most likely place to get decent turns was up around Wedgemont lakes. It was predicted … Continue reading

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Exploring South Creek

Context Harrison Hut is a spectacular alpine hut, situated in a beautiful glaciated valley at 1725m. It provides access to the Pemberton Icecap in the spring and numerous mountaineering opportunities in the summer and fall.  The hut was built in … Continue reading

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Mount Frosty and the Golden Larches

Oct 5th and 6th, 2019 Photos: On Oct 5th a group of 20 VOCers headed up to Manning Park in search of golden larches. After a few hours of hiking up to Frosty Camp and setting up camp in … Continue reading

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Fun in the Lillooet River, October 13th, 2019

The Harrison Hut is my favourite hut of all time. It’s the hardest to get to, but that’s okay, since I’ve never enjoyed jammed-full huts. Back in 2010 the largest landslide in Canadian recorded history ruined the access to the … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving at Phelix – Roland’s version.

This was my fourth trip to Phelix this year as I wanted to see the new wood-burning heater installed.  I have been up there quite a few times since we built the hut 21 years ago. I was up there … Continue reading

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Beginner friendly hike to the Brew hut: Sept 28-29th, 2019

By Taniya Adak I have rightfully taken the honour of writing this trip report as I  have been wanting to go to the Brew hut for long (given that this hut is built and maintained by VOC) and also because … Continue reading

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