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Mt. Archibald and the Deadly Poison False Cilantro, May 15, 2020

My son, Devlin, and I hastily decided to do Cheam—-we hadn’t been before, and since I had a day off and Devlin had a pro-D day, we had a good chance of not seeing anyone, and even if we did … Continue reading

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Paddlers vs Squatters- A Garbage Wars Story.

Me-”My car is much happier  without the hobo mattresses inside” Alana: “That’s a quote of the day…” In late April a couple friends and I went for a drizzly day paddle up Fraser river. Generally not top destination for either … Continue reading

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Impromptu Rockies Road Trip

This trip report is ancient history, from early-September 2018. I wrote it but for some reason never posted it anywhere. The trip report feed has been pretty quiet lately for obvious reasons, so here’s some light reading of a coupl’a … Continue reading

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Colonel Foster in Winter

Earlier this year, my friend Liam Gilchrist and I took advantage of the first week of school closures due to COVID-19 to make our second, successful attempt at climbing the East face of mount Colonel Foster on Vancouver Island in … Continue reading

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Learning about avalanches

In March, before skiing became controversial, Alex R., Dave M., and I did the Wedgemount-Currie traverse. Birgit was supposed to come, but she got a second cold immediately after recovering from the cold she had the week before. It was … Continue reading

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Switzerland (Sept 15-21)

Photos: Cassandra Elphinstone, Esther Frei, and Martin Heggli After a week at the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) Meeting in Parma, Italy (Sept 9-14), I had a free week (Sept 15-21) before I needed to visit a lab in Vienna, Austria. … Continue reading

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Type 1.5 Fun: Ski Touring near Red Heather Hut

I have been meaning to join the VOC for a few years and only recently did I finally sign up and find a trip to go on, with encouragement from Jacob Grossbard and Cass Berno among others. I was planning … Continue reading

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Intro to Backcountry Part 2 – Needle Peak

Time in the mountains can be a lot of things. It can be time for self reflection, time pushing the limits of your will and wit, and other high-minded nonsense of the sort. Other times, when the tides of ego … Continue reading

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Winter Longhike 2020

As a first-year, new member of the VOC, and novice to winter hiking I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first signed up for this trip. However, after hiking, sledding, eating, and partying with my fellow VOCers turned … Continue reading

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Self-Propelled Seymour Slog

On Wednesday night, I got a message from Gabrielle Booth: “What are you up to on Saturday? I’m thinking biking and skiing…” Bikes and skis are my favorite things. And someone on Facebook was offering free beer to the first … Continue reading

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