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Unfinished Business

This trip report concerns two trips; neither is important enough to qualify for a trip report but maybe they work if combined. Sometimes you go on a trip and it doesn’t work out quite as planned and you end up … Continue reading

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Slimy Times on Round Mountain/Attack of the Goose-Dog (June 2, 2018)

A cacophonous boom shattered the silence of the moonless night! Was it an avalanche? It sounded too sharp and too big. An eerie red, flickering glow lit up the clouds. Animals could be heard running blind through the night, and … Continue reading

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2018 Hotsprings

Executive Summary Sophie and I drove about 650 km with the Jeep, much of it on logging roads. We determined that access to Harrison/Meager was still being blocked by a locked gate at km2. Sophie required that we visit a … Continue reading

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French-Haig-Robertson Traverse (May 18-19 2018)

My dad and I went on the French-Haig-Robertson traverse in Kananaskis Country. The trip was 20 km long and 1000 metres in elevation in the guide book, but we actually did about 24 km and climbed about 1500 metres. It … Continue reading

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Watersprite Lake

After a (stressful) drive in that left one car parked 6km away from the trailhead, and one modo in just about one-piece we set off in three different groups on the trail. Once you leave the highway it should only … Continue reading

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Easter limping out of Phelix Hut

Easter limping out of Phelix Hut The day I heard that there were mountains named after Lord of the rings characters, I knew that I wanted to go there sometime. Luckily Robert Lachance organised a Skiing trip to Phelix Hut … Continue reading

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Restoring Access to Waddington Hut in an Unfulfilling Manner (May 6, 2018)

Participants: Devlin Mottershead, duck tacos, Demon Girl, the tirfor and me. I was harassed by the exec to do something about this boulder that was blocking the road to Phelix Creek/Waddington Hut. I’m all about dragging rocks around, so Devlin … Continue reading

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Lillooet Headwaters “Surge” (April 21-25, 2018)

** Brief aside about the TR title: Too much “in-doctor-nation” (pre-medical and medical schooling) has conditioned my mind to only think “SURGE” after LH… Since waters can surge just like hormones, and we completed this trip relatively quickly, I thought the … Continue reading

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The Engine and The Guard

An early season ascent of Phyllis’ Engine and a standard season ascent of The Guard Dates: April 25 – 28, 2018 Participants: Duncan Pawson, Nick Hindley, Tobias Huxol Prologue: The trip planning started as all classics do, with a good … Continue reading

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Little Brew Adventure

Roland, Aaron, and I went up to Brew, and stayed one night. We called it a workhike, and figured that there would be things to do, such as carry journals, empty the cashbox, measure the doorframe, and deal with the … Continue reading

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