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The Buddy Picture: A Yosemite Adventure

by: Artem Babaian (AB) & Andrew G. Chapman (AGC) ## Prologue AB: “Because it is there.” I’ve long viewed climbing as a solitary pursuit. I climb to test my constitution, and because I can. Last winter I trained countless exhausting … Continue reading

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Zoa, Sort Of. Mostly I Just Flap My Gums About Various Sizes of Peanut Butter Cups. Jan 12, 2019

I’d been looking for something beginner friendly for my son Devlin’s friend and associated parents that wasn’t Red Heather, since they’d done that already, and noticed Ross Campbell’s beginner-friendly trip to Zoa. I hadn’t been to Zoa before, but it … Continue reading

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The Great White Mane of Shadowfax

Trip Date: 2018 December 27-Jan1 Participants: Cody Lai, Armarn Roland, Nathan Slater, Robert Shilton, Ilya Capralov, George Hill, Will Matous, Martin Carnogursky   The following is an account of Phelix New Years as originally written in my Journal edited only for spelling and … Continue reading

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Spearfishing in the Red Heather Lagoon, Jan 4-6 2019

After a bunch of people dropped in and out, venues changed and emails flew around, Devlin and I ended up by ourselves in a snow cave on a Friday at Red Heather, with the rest of our party arriving the … Continue reading

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Bored? Dec 23 – Jan 07

The plan was to do one day of skiing plus a hot spring trip. I figured that New Years at the hot spring would be similar to our usual New Years celebrations, lots of tasty car camping food, a bit … Continue reading

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VOC Europe New Year’s 2019 Trip

VOC Europe is a loose collection of VOCers who left Canada and wish to bring the VOC spirit to Europe (example trip). Join our facebook group or write me (Tobias Klenze) a message: [email protected] Good overnight trips need only a … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Birthday in the Backcountry

Never having been on a backcountry ski trip before, I have no points of reference on how these things go – so excuse any presumptuous writing on my part. D The rain was cold as I trudged down main mall in … Continue reading

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Brew Hut debacle!

Sorry this is late!!!!! My Fault – Jacob The 2018 Brew hut debacle consisted of 3 main elements: Outlandishly beautiful weather that we did not deserve Trucks Faffing Like any good trip this trip starts at 6:00 am Saturday the … Continue reading

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Jericho to Squamish Kayaking Trip

Philippe LeBillon, Lukas Schreiber and Alex Wharton kayaked from Jericho to Squamish at the end of August to begin the end of what had been a fun filled VOC summer. Similar to the previous two summers in Vancouver, smoke from … Continue reading

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Lovely Humans to Lake Lovely Water – July 20-22, 2018

Trip Organizer: Maria Berno Trip Attendees: Maria, Tom, Mark, Glen, Mirtha, Glen, Graham, Derek, Tabea, Christine, Robert After hearing so many lovely things about Lake Lovely Water but many horror stories about the approach I decided it was my turn … Continue reading

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