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The Price of Powder

Contributors: Rhys Guerrier, Ana Ciocoiu Having experienced not one, but two Snowmageddons in the month leading up to New Year’s, there was a strong suspicion among us VOCers that the somewhat remote slopes around Phelix hut could become powder caches. … Continue reading

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NMAG Trip: A Through Hike in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Who: Linda Kiritchkov and Mason Slavner What: Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls trails Where: The Highlands of Iceland When: July 2nd – 8th, 2022 How: The Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant Snow, wind, rain, geysers, volcanic glass, black sand, Rhyolite mountains, 24hr sunlight. … Continue reading

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A visit with the Judge

By Vincent Hanlon and Birgit Rogalla Mt. Judge Howay is quite the presence—a double summit that can be seen throughout the North Shore mountains, which people talk about with a combination of foreboding and admiration. Given the lovely, droughty fall, … Continue reading

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A Winning Hand in Desert Solitaire

I noticed that there haven’t been many trip reports posted lately, and I felt like writing a bit so here’s something. Sorry it’s not relevant to B.C. but hopefully I can send some warm vibes to people for whom t-shirt … Continue reading

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Hollyburn Nov 14

Isabella wanted some sparkly snow so I figured Hollyburn was the place to go; not much driving, and I could check if the “Aggressive Squirrel” poster was still up. For squirrel, see We left Vancouver at 8:30, which was … Continue reading

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Iron Chef Vol.IV

On October 22-23, we completed a long and tiresome hike up to the Brew Hut, the competitors were faced with the gruesome task of making the worlds best food with whatever ingredients were brought up. Our team, The Icy Marshmallows felt … Continue reading

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Garibaldi Lake 2022: blizzards, boats, plants and paint

People have been asking for a trip report summarizing the work that has been done up at Burton Hut (fieldwork/workhikes) this summer so I figured I would combine a few short trip stories since they all happened in roughly the … Continue reading

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Halloween On The West Knob

Participants: Kevin Lam, Noah Wyse, Justin Angsana, Adam French, Lillian McCallum, Diana Bratu, Richard Pan, Mabel Moses, Grantham Gace, Param Mody, JJ James, Chester Chan, Lucas Braun, Rehaan Raother, Sparsh Inanda, and Aaryan Raina. Halloween was quickly approaching, and many … Continue reading

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Four Old Goats visit the Lone Goat

“Time ticks by; we grow older. Before we know it, too much time has passed and we’ve missed the chance…” -Douglas Coupland from City of Glass    Will you still be doing trips 25 years from now? Will they be … Continue reading

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Hot Spring Nov 9-10

A destination: Adam proposed we go to Keyhole because a VOC trip there last year was pretty good. I have had good trips and bad trips there. I didn’t want to carry all my stuff for a km or two … Continue reading

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