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Triple D (donut) Ride · April 29th

I saw this ambitious expedition pitched as a Triple D. Researching into the International French Adjectival System (IFAS), a regular D: difficile (difficult) represents hard, more serious with rock climbing at IV and V, snow and ice slopes at 50-70 … Continue reading

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Mamquam Icefield (April 4-6)

No tent poles, not enough fuel, a couple detours = Good time to be had! (P.S. This report was not reviewed by my trip partner. Certain facts and events might have been exaggerated for entertainment.) Mamquam had always been on … Continue reading

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Zoa-Zopkios ridge

We started climbing up the cleared area for the pipeline. It was pretty warm, and it wasn’t very enjoyable. It went by pretty quick, and then we cut off onto the ridge of Zoa where there was more forest. It … Continue reading

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Phelix Hut April 21-22

Around 9 am Tuesday I got an email which said “let’s go to Phelix Hut”. I replied that I’d like to, but first I have to make sure Carla isn’t planning something. It turned out that Carla was staying in … Continue reading

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First Impressions of Adventures in Saskatchewan

January-April 2021, Saskatchewan Now four months into our new life in Saskatchewan, I am taking a moment to reflect on life in the Prairies. Until recently I had never pictured myself living here, but this is where life has taken … Continue reading

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Rolling around the Coquihalla Canyon, April 2, 2021

The avalanche danger was low, and my son Devlin didn’t want to do anything because we had taken a beating last weekend (TR coming soon), so I decided to take a shot at Coquihalla Mountain. It’s the highest summit in … Continue reading

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Kayak & Hike to Underhill Peak

Thank you, Isaac, for organizing this amazing trip! The plan for this Saturday was: Have a group of 6 VOCers meet at Deep Cove, kayak to Thwaytes landing, hike up Underhill Peak, come back and eat Honey’s donuts (of course). … Continue reading

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Garibaldi just before the storm (March 27 2021)

Me and Birgit Rogalla were leaving Vancouver on Friday evening, driving down Main St. in a mess of traffic, when we passed Gabrielle Booth on her bike. We had a quick shouted conversation through the window, and when I mentioned … Continue reading

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Two Bears, March 13, 2021. That’s the name of the run. There weren’t any real bears.

Two Bears is this run described in the Baldwin guide that is accessed from the Zopkios Rest Area but dumps the skier out a bit south of the Box Canyon Chain-up Area. Baldwin suggests leaving your car at Box Canyon … Continue reading

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The Mountain Gets the Last Laugh(ington)

When my friend Shane mentioned we would probably need a chainsaw to get to Mount Laughington I should have realized what I was in for. This peak is not well-traveled in the winter, and it turns out there are some good reasons … Continue reading

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