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Switzerland (Sept 15-21)

Photos: Cassandra Elphinstone, Esther Frei, and Martin Heggli After a week at the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) Meeting in Parma, Italy (Sept 9-14), I had a free week (Sept 15-21) before I needed to visit a lab in Vienna, Austria. … Continue reading

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Type 1.5 Fun: Ski Touring near Red Heather Hut

I have been meaning to join the VOC for a few years and only recently did I finally sign up and find a trip to go on, with encouragement from Jacob Grossbard and Cass Berno among others. I was planning … Continue reading

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Intro to Backcountry Part 2 – Needle Peak

Time in the mountains can be a lot of things. It can be time for self reflection, time pushing the limits of your will and wit, and other high-minded nonsense of the sort. Other times, when the tides of ego … Continue reading

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Winter Longhike 2020

As a first-year, new member of the VOC, and novice to winter hiking I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first signed up for this trip. However, after hiking, sledding, eating, and partying with my fellow VOCers turned … Continue reading

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Self-Propelled Seymour Slog

On Wednesday night, I got a message from Gabrielle Booth: “What are you up to on Saturday? I’m thinking biking and skiing…” Bikes and skis are my favorite things. And someone on Facebook was offering free beer to the first … Continue reading

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Another Brew Debacle

This trip report was written by Kevin Burton, but I don’t know how to make the machine think that he is the author.  Too bad about that. Last weekend (Jan 18-19) we (E + W + me) went for a … Continue reading

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VOC Europe New Year’s 2020 Trip

A Swede, a Thai, a Canadian, an Italian, two Swiss, two Chinese, three Liechtenstein people and – of course – four Germans set off to celebrate the start of a new year and decade. Fortunately, this is not the beginning … Continue reading

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The underrated East-Sub Summit of Mount Shadowfax

Participants: Duncan Pawson, Nick Hindley, Harlin Brandvold Dates: August 2019 Days 1-2: After our journey to Pangea was cut short (see trip report for that), we headed to Phelix Creek as a solid backup. Our plan was to establish a … Continue reading

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VOC Christmas Message

By now we’ve already heard the Queen’s Christmas Message and the Pope’s Christmas Message. I guess they are allowed to use the word “Christmas” in their message rather than the more politically correct “Seasonal”. I can’t remember what the messages … Continue reading

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Red Heather Mtn

Edward thinks that Red Heather Meadows doesn’t sound serious enough so the place has been renamed as Red Heather Mountain. We were very fortunate to get up there Sunday Dec 15. Fortunate that we didn’t have to drive because Shu … Continue reading

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