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Phelix Demolition

Realizing I wrote this article for the journal but never put it on the website, so here you go! An 8+ month old trip report. Also, coincidentally very apt that this gets posted next to Jeff’s ‘wasps’ trip report. Dates: … Continue reading

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Burns & Turns 2024 (Minus some Turns)

It all started in the wee hours of the morning the Saturday of reading break… (Okay, I’ll stop trying to sound Scottish now). My car group had surprisingly very minimal faff for the morning of a VOC trip. So to … Continue reading

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Phelix: “The Front Fell Off” – Emergency Roof Repairs.

So there I was, toasting some walnuts for a delicious sauce, when Ross walks in the door looking perturbed. I caught “Haley” and “Put a tarp on it” and chuckle to myself. “Oh dear” I thought “I guess the roof … Continue reading

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