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Groundhog Day and Garibaldi Lake

Participants: Nadine Bruneau, Oliver Capko, the legendary Christian Veenstra Back when we were replacing the roof on the Brian Waddington Hut, we had a bunch of VOC volunteers, who were there for the weekends, Jacob, who stayed the whole time, … Continue reading

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New Years at Phelix: Or, My First Real VOC Trip

Dec 29 2023, 11:30pm. I couldn’t sleep.  I was worried about the weight of my bag. It was my first time backpacking overnight and I’m a horrible, horrible packer. Do I really need about three meals worth of mashed potatoes … Continue reading

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A Chainsaw, an Axe, a Cudgel, and a Dream

Participants: Lucas Braun, AJ Dreher, Jacob Grossbard, Declan Dawson Taylor (In spirit) It all started at the November 4th exec meeting. Jacob, Haley Foladare, and Declan were sitting in on the meeting and giving their sage advice from their years … Continue reading

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In Jeff We Trust – Weekend #1 of Phelix Roof Construction

Trip Date: July 28-30, 2023 As you all know by now, especially following Adam’s report on getting stuff to the hut for this project, Phelix, or Brian Waddington Hut underwent some serious changes this summer. A new roof was desperately … Continue reading

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Neve in a day in October

People seem to think that Garibaldi Lake being frozen is a prerequisite for doing the Neve. This seems like more of a convenience than a requirement, since people do sometimes circle Garibaldi Lake. You could argue that if one were … Continue reading

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Harrison Hut By Bike: Some Words and Photos

If you’re like me, then the phrase “VOC Harrison Hut” might be synonymous with forbidden isolation. Sure, people say it used to be accessible, and there are journal articles to prove it, but that might as well be ancient history. … Continue reading

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Phelix Roof: Getting The Stuff There

As you may or may not have heard, the VOC has been busy making construction plans since March, when the roof at the Brian Waddington/Phelix Creek Hut suffered a partial failure. Fundraising, structural design, materials procurement, transportation, meal planning, and … Continue reading

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Trip Report: Phelix Workhike 2023

Written by Roland: “For those who don’t know, the roof of the Phelix Hut decomposed and a massive amount of work is required to replace it. I decided to go up for a few days and help a bit . … Continue reading

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Garibaldi Grand Tour

Participants: Julian Larsen, Allen Zhao, Adam French, Timothy Warkentin, Daniel Smidov, Gudrun (Gucki) Überacker Allen organized a trip to do a counterclockwise circumnavigation of Garibaldi Lake, while bagging as many peaks as possible along the way. I had never been to … Continue reading

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Harrison Hut Spring 2023 (The Key Worked This Time)

Trip Participants: Elias Bowman, Rob Cieniawski, Eric Daigle, AJ Dreher, Nelson Fretenburg, Mozi Lu, Laura Mantin, Braydon Massoud, Joe Meyer, Dorian Simon, Adam Steele, Xander Hudyma Yu, Quintus Zhou. If you are a regular reader of VOC trip reports, you … Continue reading

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