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Paddlers vs Squatters- A Garbage Wars Story.

Me-”My car is much happier  without the hobo mattresses inside” Alana: “That’s a quote of the day…” In late April a couple friends and I went for a drizzly day paddle up Fraser river. Generally not top destination for either … Continue reading

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The underrated East-Sub Summit of Mount Shadowfax

Participants: Duncan Pawson, Nick Hindley, Harlin Brandvold Dates: August 2019 Days 1-2: After our journey to Pangea was cut short (see trip report for that), we headed to Phelix Creek as a solid backup. Our plan was to establish a … Continue reading

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Cursed Cousin of Cave 2019

In attendance: Nick Hindley, Natalie Maslowski, Temma Shandon, Anna Cho, Donald Lao, Johan Denker Ebskamp, Michaela Marxt, Austin Bauer, Victor Mate (Briefly) Friday FUN (Fucked Up Night): (Flashback to Oct. 25th) The Friday, a week prior to the weekend we … Continue reading

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Stories from a long night in the clubroom

Did you know? The VOC has a fifth hut, located right on campus. The so-called “Clubroom” is a bit like Red Heather, in that you aren’t technically supposed to sleep there. Well, given the impending transit shutdown, the wonderful AMS decided to … Continue reading

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A UVic Interloper Learns the True Meaning of Faffing About on Mt Brew [Workhike]

Mostly written by my cousin and workhike participant Teagan Dawson (a non-VOC member…gasp), with posting and contributions from me (Declan). As a newcomer to the VOC, this workhike up the old Mt Brew trail was eye opening in a number … Continue reading

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Werewolves of the Brew Hut

After some mild procrastination, I’ve finally gotten around to writing the long-overdue trip report of the Werewolves of the Brew Hut hike that took place from October 19-20.  Hopefully everyone can forgive me for my postponement of this report (I … Continue reading

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Hitting the Deck on a Top 100 “Protected” 5.9

Sunday, Oct 6: Having just learned trad at Rock Party the week before, I’ve been eager to get out to Squamish and practice leading on as many climbs as I can before heading off on a five-month Arctic excursion with … Continue reading

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Iron Chef of Brew Hut in the Clouds – Round 3! (alternate title: Doggone days)

Mom came home the other night as I was sitting around on the sofa pondering my existence, and promptly stared vacantly into the fridge. It was pretty barren, from what I could see. She then proceeded to sigh, one of … Continue reading

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(not the actual) Brew Debacle – Burns ’n Turns 2019

As I walked into the clubroom on Monday afternoon I was asked “Did you go on Burns ‘n Turns?”. After replying that I had, all eyes turned to hear the tale of the five broken bindings, the broken knee, the … Continue reading

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Mystery of the Stove

Trip report for: [workhike] HMVDITTRAH 2019 – 4th annual How Many VOCers Does It Take To Replace A Helicopter? Mystery of the Stove Written by: John Wragg As this was my first ever VOC trip i was more than ready … Continue reading

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