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Iron Chef Vol.IV

On October 22-23, we completed a long and tiresome hike up to the Brew Hut, the competitors were faced with the gruesome task of making the worlds best food with whatever ingredients were brought up. Our team, The Icy Marshmallows felt … Continue reading

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Hot Spring Nov 9-10

A destination: Adam proposed we go to Keyhole because a VOC trip there last year was pretty good. I have had good trips and bad trips there. I didn’t want to carry all my stuff for a km or two … Continue reading

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Potluck in Phelix (October 21-23, 2022)

Day 1: It was a great day to start out the trip. All 3 cars met up at 7:30/8pm at the McDonalds in Pemberton. There we enjoyed a mini-carb fest of burgers, fries, and ice cream. We then left all … Continue reading

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A Rip Up To Phelix

I attempted to jot down a few notes during the last night at Phelix, the are as follows… -furst dday, early am at breka -we did not run with axes pr chainsaws during this trip -the community of voc… Now … Continue reading

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Harrison Work Oct 7 – 10

The Harrison Hut is hard to work on for a variety of reasons: the grizzlies, geological instability, logging, locked gates, and mostly, a lot of regulations. No doubt the regulators will tell us that their regulations have been very wise, … Continue reading

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First Weekend Brew Hut Workhike!

Participants: Ana Ciocoiu, Akash Madhav Gondaliya, Anja Westermann, Annabelle Damude, Cameron Donnelly, Cassandra Elphinstone, Charlotte Mittelstaedt, Chen Qin, Elaine Zhou, Eric Daigle, Haley Foladare, Isabella Negrini, Jacob Grossbard, Laura Mantin, Lucas Braun, Richard Pan, Shruti Yogesh Vansia, Tom Curran, Zachary … Continue reading

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Hot Brew Trip July 30-31

The Plan: Shuyu announced that she wanted to do the Alcoholic Traverse and she needed a ride back to her car at the end of the traverse, so we figured we might combine this with a trip to Brew Hut. … Continue reading

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Phelix Hut Workhike

Participants: Emily Adamczyk, Anton Afanassiev, Sri Bonthula, Roland Burton, John Chan, Alex Daigle, Eric Daigle, Ketan Desai, Haley Foladare, Martin Kuerbis, Aye Min, Khushi Patil, Hugo Y Someone on the huts page reported back in June that the roof at … Continue reading

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May Avalanche on the Spearhead Traverse

Here is the Avalanche Canada report: on the west face of Mt. Pattison, we triggered a size 2 avalanche where all five of us in the team were partially buried. In additional detail to the report, we observed that the … Continue reading

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Harrison Hut October 2021: Reminiscences From My Second First Year

With exams over and my second year at UBC coming to a close, lately I’ve been reminiscing about the past seven months. It’s been a great year, coming out of Zoomiversity and back into the real world, with the requisite … Continue reading

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