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Touring Tetrahedron (bike+ski)

It was the week before the Easter long weekend, and a ski touring VOC trip to Tetrahedron that I was planning on going on had just been canceled for reasons of snow conditions (for fairly good reason). However, my weekend … Continue reading

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Mellow lines at Cerise Creek (Steep Lines at Steep Creek Vol. 5)

With a beautiful March 23rd weekend forecast predicting better ski conditions up high, our small but mighty “Steep Lines at Steep Creek” group of four (Alex Barth, Flavia Caprez, Ana Ciocoiu, and myself, Erik Reimers) made the decision to switch … Continue reading

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Phelix Demolition

Realizing I wrote this article for the journal but never put it on the website, so here you go! An 8+ month old trip report. Also, coincidentally very apt that this gets posted next to Jeff’s ‘wasps’ trip report. Dates: … Continue reading

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Khaos in Kazakhstan

The following is a trip report about our (Anton Afanassiev, Ben Sommerfeld, and Ketan Desai) fairly chaotic and injurious trip to Kazakhstan that happened last summer. Also joining us were Anelia Mynzhasarova and Bree Kehler. Now that the journal is … Continue reading

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Burns & Turns 2024 (Minus some Turns)

It all started in the wee hours of the morning the Saturday of reading break… (Okay, I’ll stop trying to sound Scottish now). My car group had surprisingly very minimal faff for the morning of a VOC trip. So to … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day and Garibaldi Lake

Participants: Nadine Bruneau, Oliver Capko, the legendary Christian Veenstra Back when we were replacing the roof on the Brian Waddington Hut, we had a bunch of VOC volunteers, who were there for the weekends, Jacob, who stayed the whole time, … Continue reading

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New Years at Phelix: Or, My First Real VOC Trip

Dec 29 2023, 11:30pm. I couldn’t sleep.  I was worried about the weight of my bag. It was my first time backpacking overnight and I’m a horrible, horrible packer. Do I really need about three meals worth of mashed potatoes … Continue reading

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A Chainsaw, an Axe, a Cudgel, and a Dream

Participants: Lucas Braun, AJ Dreher, Jacob Grossbard, Declan Dawson Taylor (In spirit) It all started at the November 4th exec meeting. Jacob, Haley Foladare, and Declan were sitting in on the meeting and giving their sage advice from their years … Continue reading

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In Jeff We Trust – Weekend #1 of Phelix Roof Construction

Trip Date: July 28-30, 2023 As you all know by now, especially following Adam’s report on getting stuff to the hut for this project, Phelix, or Brian Waddington Hut underwent some serious changes this summer. A new roof was desperately … Continue reading

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Neve in a day in October

People seem to think that Garibaldi Lake being frozen is a prerequisite for doing the Neve. This seems like more of a convenience than a requirement, since people do sometimes circle Garibaldi Lake. You could argue that if one were … Continue reading

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