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Iron Chef Vol.IV

On October 22-23, we completed a long and tiresome hike up to the Brew Hut, the competitors were faced with the gruesome task of making the worlds best food with whatever ingredients were brought up. Our team, The Icy Marshmallows felt … Continue reading

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Hot Spring Nov 9-10

A destination: Adam proposed we go to Keyhole because a VOC trip there last year was pretty good. I have had good trips and bad trips there. I didn’t want to carry all my stuff for a km or two … Continue reading

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Skiing and Sickness in Princess Louisa Inlet

March 21st-28th, 2022 Participants: Jessica Brown, YYen Gallup, Simeon Faehndrich, Ben Van Raalte, and Hannah Bates “We were somewhere around Barstow Egmont on the edge of the desert ocean when the drugs sickness began to take hold.” – from Fear and Loathing in … Continue reading

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An ice weekend; G1 2021

I’d never been in a truck before. A big, American, covered in dirtbag stickers, truck. I chucked my bag in the back and squished into the tiny jump seat behind the driver, Ethan. No need for a seatbelt, I was … Continue reading

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Cousin of Cave V (AKA Underground Log Ride, But Without the Logs)

Day 1 – Friday It was a Friday afternoon. We met up with our car groups, excited to get going. I don’t know about the others, but our ride was packed tighter than – well, let’s just say it was … Continue reading

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Semaphore Lake – How to: Dance to keep your toes warm*

*All credit for the title goes to trip organizer, Will. The plan for thanksgiving weekend was looking great: hiking up to Semaphore Lake, base-camping there and going scrambling on the mountains around. And of course swimming in the lake! As … Continue reading

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Faffalicious: The Squamish River Traverse 8 Ways

Group: Haley, Nicole, MJ, Jacob, and Hannah On a smoky mid-August Saturday, a group of 5 VOCers crossed the Squamish River to the Lake Lovelywater trailhead and back again, using a large variety of methods. Since this day was 19 … Continue reading

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Triple D (donut) Ride · April 29th

I saw this ambitious expedition pitched as a Triple D. Researching into the International French Adjectival System (IFAS), a regular D: difficile (difficult) represents hard, more serious with rock climbing at IV and V, snow and ice slopes at 50-70 … Continue reading

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First Impressions of Adventures in Saskatchewan

January-April 2021, Saskatchewan Now four months into our new life in Saskatchewan, I am taking a moment to reflect on life in the Prairies. Until recently I had never pictured myself living here, but this is where life has taken … Continue reading

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Coffee (not) at the Beach

Tuesday morning, 6:30am: time to roll out of bed, hop on my bike and head to Jericho Beach for weekly coffee at dawn, where some early-rising VOCers watch the sunrise, make breakfast and share stories. The rain had held off … Continue reading

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