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Flinging a Weasel in Tetrahedron Park–Sept 14-16, 2018

Participants: Devlin, Anita and Ethan This was supposed to be a totally pleasant but not-worth-writing-up trip. Anita and her 6-year-old son, Ethan, were over for a hut trip, arriving Friday afternoon. The plan was to go to the Batchelor Lake … Continue reading

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Mt. Tom Taylor Smackdown Aug 4-5, 2018

Devlin and I went out to Strathcona Park for a BC-Day-long-weekend hike/ski/climb adventure on Mt. Tom Taylor. My pack had some heft to it: two pairs of ski boots, two pairs of skins, two pairs of skis, two sleeping bags, … Continue reading

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Slimy Times on Round Mountain/Attack of the Goose-Dog (June 2, 2018)

A cacophonous boom shattered the silence of the moonless night! Was it an avalanche? It sounded too sharp and too big. An eerie red, flickering glow lit up the clouds. Animals could be heard running blind through the night, and … Continue reading

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Restoring Access to Waddington Hut in an Unfulfilling Manner (May 6, 2018)

Participants: Devlin Mottershead, duck tacos, Demon Girl, the tirfor and me. I was harassed by the exec to do something about this boulder that was blocking the road to Phelix Creek/Waddington Hut. I’m all about dragging rocks around, so Devlin … Continue reading

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A Minor Brew Hut Fiasco: Turds

Participants: Anita, Devlin, the tirfor, poop and me On Friday, April 27, Anita (not of the VOC), Devlin and I started off towards to Brew Hut with the heaviest post hole digger I could find and a couple buckets labelled … Continue reading

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Cognac Peak debacle August 19, 2017

Participants: Devlin and Jeff Mottershead We were at the Brandywine trailhead eating breakfast when we noticed that the tailpipe was under the front tire. I thought about the odds of exactly that happening and concluded that it was fairly special. … Continue reading

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Foiled Again by Comox Glacier and a Shipwreck

Devlin had earned his turns for twelve straight months but had been denied the thirteenth during our defeat on Mt. Pootlass. With the month nearing an end and Devlin staying with the grandparents on Quadra Island, we decided to take … Continue reading

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Mt. Pootlass Smackdown

Where is Mt. Pootlass? Why would one go there? Why were there three rodents? A while back my son, Devlin, was given a copy of Ship’s Whistle by the cafeteria cashier while aboard one of the ferries to Vancouver. It’s … Continue reading

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A Minor Fiasco (Red Heather January 22)

Participants: Old, flappy Jeff Mottershead and Devlin Mottershead I’m supposed to be a climber, but even in the middle of summer my son, Devlin, would rather hike up to some random snow patch or glacier and get some turns in … Continue reading

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Jasper ER–March 14, 2016

In some sense this doesn’t qualify as being a real trip report, since it involves chair lifts, and ambulances have motors, but it’s probably something most VOCers can relate to, as most end up resorting to resorts at some point. … Continue reading

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