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Mt. Albert Edward, gum grafts, and the most disgusting thing I’ve ever skied, April 23, 2023

Mt Albert Edward is a 2093 m peak on Vancouver Island. When you’re on any of the nearby mountains, it really looks like the place you want to be. My son, Devlin, and I had taken a swing at it … Continue reading

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Seychelles, March 10-29, 2023

My son, Devlin, had been objecting to too much stuff around BC and never getting to go anywhere cool for a couple years. My argument that BC stuff was cool didn’t fly, so I told him I’d take him somewhere … Continue reading

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Zopkios, Zoa, Zum, Zupjok: No one cares about your Z-peaks, larva-breath

This was my second attempt at doing all the Coquihalla Z-peaks. Last time I failed because I got distracted by camelid-named peaks and dog poop. The first half of the ascent from Zopkios brake check to the peak named after … Continue reading

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Camelids, the Letter Z and Dog Poop

On Saturday evening I decided that a reasonable thing to do would be to ski all the camelid-named peaks (Llama, Alpaca, Vicuña, Guanaco) and Z-named peaks (Zupjok, Zopkios, Zoa, Zum) in the Coquihalla. My son wanted to play tennis with … Continue reading

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Rolling around the Coquihalla Canyon, April 2, 2021

The avalanche danger was low, and my son Devlin didn’t want to do anything because we had taken a beating last weekend (TR coming soon), so I decided to take a shot at Coquihalla Mountain. It’s the highest summit in … Continue reading

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Two Bears, March 13, 2021. That’s the name of the run. There weren’t any real bears.

Two Bears is this run described in the Baldwin guide that is accessed from the Zopkios Rest Area but dumps the skier out a bit south of the Box Canyon Chain-up Area. Baldwin suggests leaving your car at Box Canyon … Continue reading

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Disturbing times on Bombtram Mountain, Feb 7, 2021

The avalanche forecast was considerable-moderate-moderate, despite there being a lot of fresh new snow in the forecast, so it seemed like an ideal time to get back up on Bombtram and get on the steep south face in a relatively … Continue reading

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Dry Gulch

Near the Coquihalla summit, the highway goes over Dry Gulch. It’s a striking view from the road, as the bridge goes high above the angular gulch, which has straight, angle-of-repose slopes along both sides for its entire length, except for … Continue reading

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Box Canyon: Exit Via Narrow Gulley

The COVID rules say that we’re not supposed to cross healthcare region boundaries, so the skiing I’ve been doing with my son, Devlin, has all been in the Fraser Health Region, where we live. That cuts out the North Shore … Continue reading

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The Spatula, Cognac Peak, Spatula Peak, Brandywine, and did I mention the Spatula? Sept 12, 2020

Participants: Devin Mottershead, Alex Rigby, Dave MacKenzie. I was waffling a bit about writing a trip report on this, because despite me being fairly dumb, there wasn’t as much personal stupidity and suffering to reach my standard threshold for being worth … Continue reading

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