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A Rip Up To Phelix

I attempted to jot down a few notes during the last night at Phelix, the are as follows… -furst dday, early am at breka -we did not run with axes pr chainsaws during this trip -the community of voc… Now … Continue reading

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Joffre Lakes Backpacking Trip

Ah, the Joffre lakes backpacking trip. Waiting over a month before working on this trip report, you’d think the memories of what occured on the trip would have been more hazy. Thanks to Lucy Luo and Josh Thorsteinson (the wonderful … Continue reading

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Biking at Mayne Island

  After having gone almost five years without having biked outside of BC’s mainland, I was more than ready to join Sasha Soda and five others on a biking trip at Mayne Island. Thankfully, with the summer rollout of Vancouver’s bike busses, which … Continue reading

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Brandywine Trip Report – June 2022

Anniversary Hike – Brandywine – June 2022 While the original plan for the trip was to visit Mt. Price, a string of weird weather this year dictated that snow conditions would likely not be safe there. Instead the call was … Continue reading

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Beginner Hike – The Chief

A week after joining the VOC club, I decided to create a beginner hiking trip to see how things would go. I first created a group chat through Facebook messenger to organize some logistics of the trip such as timing, … Continue reading

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Bike Touring Gabriola (22.05.27)

Return group photo at Horseshoe Bay. From left to right: Kai Schwarz, Chrisel Brako, Johnson Liu, Katie Chen, Lara Emma Solie, Settare Shariati, Bree Summers, Andressa Louise I woke to the familiar sound of my 5:47AM alarm, yet there was no hint … Continue reading

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Sea to Sky Trail Report

The Sea to Sky Highway has been the main connection between those of us living in the Vancouver Lower Mainland to access many destinations in the great outdoor that British Columbia offers. Every time I sit in a car going … Continue reading

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Ladies* Night at Seymour: A collaborative trip report

Trip date: Wednesday, March 9th 2022   Audrey When I first saw the “Ladies Night at Seymour [Beginner Friendly, learn to ski!, helpers needed (workhike)]” trip posting on the VOC website, I jumped at the chance for a beginner, women, … Continue reading

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Daughter of Ice 2022

My Daughter of Ice experience started late Friday night when Linda and Mason arrived in Vanthony to collect me. I was their last passenger and so together with Seton, Anelia, Anton, and Jeffery and approximately one fuckton of gear in … Continue reading

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Elk Mountain Snowshoe

The plan was to snowshoe up Elk Mountain in Chilliwack on February 5th 2022 and get in some good views. Here is how one might execute said plan. Step 1: Meet at Chilliwack McDonald’s at 8:30. The morning was a … Continue reading

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