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Brew wood haul 12/09/2020

The trip was originally going to be trail maintenance near Harrison hut but due to complications we switched to Brew. I’ve never been to Harrison and was looking forward to being with acquainted with a new hut, but visiting old … Continue reading

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Tricouni Peak: July 18-19

It’s been over a month since we backpacked out to the Tricouni area, but I’ve decided to write it up anyway. Interestingly, when converted to Covid time, a normal month is roughly equivalent to either 5 months or 5 days, … Continue reading

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Curry on Mount Currie

James Furnell, Pamela Subia, Clementine Bouche, Aye Min, Rachel Baldwin, Shu Yu Fan, Andrew Wilson, and I, Alex Wharton, participated in a VOC trip to summit Mount Currie. Andrew led the trip, and we were all very excited to hike … Continue reading

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Kayaking To And Hiking Up Anvil Island

“Anvil Island? It’s so hard to access!” That’s why most Vancouverites have never been on the summit of Anvil Island; but, who could stop a motivated VOC crew on warm and sunny summer day? To begin the trip, we, a … Continue reading

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Bear vs Bike

It didn’t take much thinking to figure out what to do on the weekend when the province re-opened some of the parks around metro Vancouver. Joe, Else, Roseanna, and I hopped on our bikes and pedaled towards the woods to … Continue reading

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Winter Longhike 2020

As a first-year, new member of the VOC, and novice to winter hiking I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first signed up for this trip. However, after hiking, sledding, eating, and partying with my fellow VOCers turned … Continue reading

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Putting the WACK into Chilliwack

Nodoubt Peak – Intro to Advanced Bushwhacking – Oct. 26/27 2019   In the dark, early hours of Saturday, three vehicles roamed through the city collecting their sleepy-eyed passengers. At 6am traffic is noticeably better when cross the Fraser River … Continue reading

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A UVic Interloper Learns the True Meaning of Faffing About on Mt Brew [Workhike]

Mostly written by my cousin and workhike participant Teagan Dawson (a non-VOC member…gasp), with posting and contributions from me (Declan). As a newcomer to the VOC, this workhike up the old Mt Brew trail was eye opening in a number … Continue reading

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Werewolves of the Brew Hut

After some mild procrastination, I’ve finally gotten around to writing the long-overdue trip report of the Werewolves of the Brew Hut hike that took place from October 19-20.  Hopefully everyone can forgive me for my postponement of this report (I … Continue reading

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Advanced Hotspringing in the Pitt River: An Elaho Epic

For Labour Day long weekend, I planned an overland trip to the Pitt River Hot Springs, starting at Watersprite Lake. The evening before we were going to leave, I got an email from Ryan MacDonald saying that he didn’t really … Continue reading

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