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The long way to the top: Mount Baldy circumbike-n-hike [Cycling the Kettle Valley Rail Trail]

Cycling the Kettle-Valley Railroad or The long way to the top: Mount Baldy circumbike-n-hike Participants: Lucy Buchanan-Parker, Alberto Contreras-Sanz, Elliott Skierszkan, Emily Skierszkan I can’t quite decide the best title for this trip report, so I’ve listed a couple of … Continue reading

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Preliminary Reconnaissance: Rediscovering Memorial Day Cave

Note: There is also a cave known as Memorial Day Cave located in Germany Valley, West Virginia. As it happens, I am on very good terms with the Potomac Speleological Society, one of the local grottos that discovered and surveyed … Continue reading

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Eager to Meager – Ski Carrying trip

I was curious about the road condition of FSRs leading to Meager Creek / Harrison Hut / Pemberton Icecap. So I decided to go take a look. Well, not quite to the hut, but to the hot spring. In short, … Continue reading

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A Sunny Fall Trip to Golden Ears Peak (late) Nov 11, 2018

Perhaps it was the unseasonably sunny weekend forecast, or perhaps it was the excitement to see and feel snow as winter approached. For some reason, we were craving a snowy summit this weekend. We set our eyes on a two-day … Continue reading

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Lovely Humans to Lake Lovely Water – July 20-22, 2018

Trip Organizer: Maria Berno Trip Attendees: Maria, Tom, Mark, Glen, Mirtha, Glen, Graham, Derek, Tabea, Christine, Robert After hearing so many lovely things about Lake Lovely Water but many horror stories about the approach I decided it was my turn … Continue reading

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Iron Chef at Brew Hut

The legendary Iron Chef at Brew Hut started off strong as, although our organiser Joe “Energy Legs” O’Brien told us to expect snowy slushy hiking, we came up to the most beautiful of sunny and mostly dry days. The initial … Continue reading

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A quality VOC introduction!

Last weekend I joined my first ever VOC trip; a backcountry adventure up to Semaphore Lakes organised by Graham Brown. I knew we were off to a good start when I was immediately offered tea (I’m British!) and a big, … Continue reading

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Quest for the Golden Larches

On the chilly morning of 29th September 2018, a group consisting of professors, VOC veterans, UBC alumni, and students converged at EC Manning Park, in search of the famous Golden Larches. These larches look like typical conifers but shed their … Continue reading

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A Saturday in Kailua, Hawaiʻi

with Eva Belén Ruiz, George Hill, Haley Foladare, Kylie Schatz, and me. It was just 9 am but the sun was already baking us. It’s been just a few minutes since we started walking from Kylie’s parents’ house, when we encountered … Continue reading

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Flinging a Weasel in Tetrahedron Park–Sept 14-16, 2018

Participants: Devlin, Anita and Ethan This was supposed to be a totally pleasant but not-worth-writing-up trip. Anita and her 6-year-old son, Ethan, were over for a hut trip, arriving Friday afternoon. The plan was to go to the Batchelor Lake … Continue reading

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