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VOC Europe New Year’s 2020 Trip

A Swede, a Thai, a Canadian, an Italian, two Swiss, two Chinese, three Liechtenstein people and – of course – four Germans set off to celebrate the start of a new year and decade. Fortunately, this is not the beginning … Continue reading

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Overly Optimistic Outings lead to Truly Terrific Turns

We were surprised at the pretrip that only 3 people wanted to try to ski in mid October. Johan, Seton and I decided that the most likely place to get decent turns was up around Wedgemont lakes. It was predicted … Continue reading

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(not the actual) Brew Debacle – Burns ’n Turns 2019

As I walked into the clubroom on Monday afternoon I was asked “Did you go on Burns ‘n Turns?”. After replying that I had, all eyes turned to hear the tale of the five broken bindings, the broken knee, the … Continue reading

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Thwarted on Hamilton Glacier, June 29 to July 4, 2019

Participants: Just Devlin and me, again. Our plan was to fly into Chilko Lake, which extends into the Coast Mountains from Interior BC, and hack our way up into the alpine and then go from glacier to glacier until we … Continue reading

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A Midspring weekend’s dream – Easter 2019 on skis in the Garibaldi provincial park

A four-day long weekend sounds like a luxury here in BC, that’s why we thought it was about time to make the most out of it and celebrate Easter touring around Garibaldi Provincial Park. On paper, our plan involved driving … Continue reading

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Soak and Stoke 2019

On March 22, a group of VOCers got together, thanks to Glen, to have a nice and relaxing weekend skiing in the mountains. Friday arrived, and after a week of hard (?) work, we departed at 5:00pm to have a … Continue reading

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Eager to Meager – Ski Carrying trip

I was curious about the road condition of FSRs leading to Meager Creek / Harrison Hut / Pemberton Icecap. So I decided to go take a look. Well, not quite to the hut, but to the pools. In short, (1) … Continue reading

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Brew Hut 2019 (VOC & VOCO Joint Trip!)

On Friday March 15th, three other ladies and I drove from Kelowna to Vancouver with excitement to begin our journey into Brew Hut, a backcountry hut built by VOC near Squamish. I was nervous because it was going to be … Continue reading

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Stupendous Mountain Smackdown, March 1, 2019

Vanderhoof claims that it’s the geographical centre of BC, implying that the geographical centre is distinct from the normal centre. They have a number of big signs to that effect. Wikipedia claims that there has long been debate about how … Continue reading

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Frosty Garibaldi Neve

We went to rubble creek, and when we were waiting, a guy crushed a speed-limit sign on his way to a snow bank. We met Atti and Ildi, who drove us up to the chain-up area at Red Heather. Ildi … Continue reading

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