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Touring Tetrahedron (bike+ski)

It was the week before the Easter long weekend, and a ski touring VOC trip to Tetrahedron that I was planning on going on had just been canceled for reasons of snow conditions (for fairly good reason). However, my weekend … Continue reading

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Mellow lines at Cerise Creek (Steep Lines at Steep Creek Vol. 5)

With a beautiful March 23rd weekend forecast predicting better ski conditions up high, our small but mighty “Steep Lines at Steep Creek” group of four (Alex Barth, Flavia Caprez, Ana Ciocoiu, and myself, Erik Reimers) made the decision to switch … Continue reading

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Skinning and Skiing the Slopes like Major (beginner) Slayers

Co-Leaders: Maiya Callisterstar, Eric Daiglestar Participants: Diego Fernandez, Joseph Chiao, Elizabeth Chu, Felix Dorn, Chloe Garzon, Duncan MacIntyre, Josh Lafondsta An early morning pick up had us crossing the Lion’s Gate Bridge at 7:30am. Although sleepy, I didn’t mind the … Continue reading

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Sky Pilot Ski Touring

Participants: Aino Keinaenen, Lucas Braun, Allen Zhao, Zac Wirth, Eleanor Hsiun, Sri Chaitanya, Emi Ikemura, Quintus Zhou, Rafa Akira Eleanor’s bit: This was a harrowing experience for me. I need to learn to ski or something. The views were good … Continue reading

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Mt Rogers: an ill-prepared, ill-advised solo slog

While driving through Glacier National Park on my way to Alberta to meet a friend, he called me to let me know that his arrival would be delayed by a day. Looking up at the mountains around me and faced … Continue reading

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Thread The Needle (A Steps To The Neve Debacle)

Participants: Mozi Lu, Camille Heslot, Clement Fraisse, Haley Foladare, Jacob Grossbard, Albert Yip, Alexander Hudyma Yu As we near the end of the ski season, it feels like an appropriate time to reflect upon our adventures. This has been my … Continue reading

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Gin and Guinness

Participants: Lucas Braun, Aino Keinaenen, Allen Zhao, Elias Bowman, Alain Zhiyanov, Marion Vandewynckele-Bossut, Helene Mund, Justyna Piotrowska, Tristan Russel, Nora Lindberg It was a beautiful morning on Saturday when we set off down the Sea to Sky to Gin Peak. … Continue reading

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A Game of Chances: Not in Our Favour

Part 1: Birth of a Ski Trip It is a dark and stormy night. Raindrops rap on my windowsill. My eyes have glazed over, centred on my tattered notebook. My hands scribble down the last question of my homework. I … Continue reading

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An SOS call, frostbitten toe, and very nearly lost ski – a bit too much adventure at Sphinx Hut

Authors/trip participants: AJ Dreher, Joe Meyer AJ and I had been gunning to go to Sphinx hut for a while. One of the main objectives was to ski the Sphinx – an iconic mountain towering above Sphinx Bay, visible from … Continue reading

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Women’s* Seymour Snow Day

Trip date: Saturday, February 4th, 2023 The day started off misty and rainy, leaving many of us perhaps questioning what exactly we signed ourselves up for. The walk from the car to the cafeteria already soaked through my first pair … Continue reading

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