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Skinning and Skiing the Slopes like Major (beginner) Slayers

Co-Leaders: Maiya Callisterstar, Eric Daiglestar Participants: Diego Fernandez, Joseph Chiao, Elizabeth Chu, Felix Dorn, Chloe Garzon, Duncan MacIntyre, Josh Lafondsta An early morning pick up had us crossing the Lion’s Gate Bridge at 7:30am. Although sleepy, I didn’t mind the … Continue reading

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Paddling Stinks

My second experience with whitewater kayaking took place last weekend, on the lower Mamquam River in Squamish. It was pouring when I met up with James in the Chief parking lot on Saturday and most of the people camping there … Continue reading

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Currie for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Marko: Meep Meep Meep. My alarm startles me awake. “It’s too early to be awake”, I think to myself, taking solace knowing that I have it easy. At least I am not Mona Yu, driving all the way from Surrey … Continue reading

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Mt Rogers: an ill-prepared, ill-advised solo slog

While driving through Glacier National Park on my way to Alberta to meet a friend, he called me to let me know that his arrival would be delayed by a day. Looking up at the mountains around me and faced … Continue reading

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Beginner Hike – The Chief

A week after joining the VOC club, I decided to create a beginner hiking trip to see how things would go. I first created a group chat through Facebook messenger to organize some logistics of the trip such as timing, … Continue reading

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Gravel Cycling on Fisherman’s Trail

After weeks of cold and wet weather, Vancouver finally gave us the forecast of a warm and sunny weekend. Excited about the prospect of another adventure-filled summer, I decided to run a trip to the local’s favourite, the Fisherman’s Trail, … Continue reading

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Girlz Ski Gin: Narrowly avoiding disaster while everyone else has a lovely time

That morning as I drove up the Sea to Sky, my car packed with skis and a couple other ladies, I breathed some sighs of relief as I enjoyed the view and blasted some road trip tunes.  I thought that … Continue reading

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Mt. Gardner Waterpark

I first learned about Mt. Gardner a couple weeks ago, when I signed up for Lucy and Joe’s trip. Unfortunately a rainfall warning and subsequent chaos killed that idea, so we had lovely walk in Pacific Spirit Park instead. I … Continue reading

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Mount Seymour? More like Mount See-Less

It began with an early morning as two cars containing Beth, Isaac, Joe, Josh, Lucy, Min, and Sam ascended the misty winding road up to Seymour Mountain. The parking lot was apocalypse-like with few cars and a heavy mist blanketing … Continue reading

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Kayak & Hike to Underhill Peak

Thank you, Isaac, for organizing this amazing trip! The plan for this Saturday was: Have a group of 6 VOCers meet at Deep Cove, kayak to Thwaytes landing, hike up Underhill Peak, come back and eat Honey’s donuts (of course). … Continue reading

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