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Khaos in Kazakhstan

The following is a trip report about our (Anton Afanassiev, Ben Sommerfeld, and Ketan Desai) fairly chaotic and injurious trip to Kazakhstan that happened last summer. Also joining us were Anelia Mynzhasarova and Bree Kehler. Now that the journal is … Continue reading

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VOC Calgary division takes on a Rocky Mountain sufferfest

I was back in Calgary for a couple weeks at the end of summer, visiting family and biding time until the new semester started. Fresh off my summer travels in Latin America, I’d gained a new appreciation both for my … Continue reading

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Alpine Skills 2023 – Face Mountain

Participants: Kevin Lam, Victor Sira, Nelson Fretenburg, Sri Chaitanya Bonthula, Mona Yu, Marko Smitran, Jacob Grossbard, Kaylie Robinson Saturday July 15 (Kevin’s POV) This trip started as any other VOC trip, sleeping later and waking up earlier than I would … Continue reading

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Garibaldi Grand Tour

Participants: Julian Larsen, Allen Zhao, Adam French, Timothy Warkentin, Daniel Smidov, Gudrun (Gucki) Überacker Allen organized a trip to do a counterclockwise circumnavigation of Garibaldi Lake, while bagging as many peaks as possible along the way. I had never been to … Continue reading

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Mt Rogers: an ill-prepared, ill-advised solo slog

While driving through Glacier National Park on my way to Alberta to meet a friend, he called me to let me know that his arrival would be delayed by a day. Looking up at the mountains around me and faced … Continue reading

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Joffre Lakes Backpacking Trip

Ah, the Joffre lakes backpacking trip. Waiting over a month before working on this trip report, you’d think the memories of what occured on the trip would have been more hazy. Thanks to Lucy Luo and Josh Thorsteinson (the wonderful … Continue reading

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Heather Trail – Manning Park

Background info: Heather Trail is located in Manning Park. Starting from the Blackwall Peak parking area we walked along the Heather Trail to get to Nicomen Lake Campsite. This was a 2-day, 1-night trip. The total hike was roughly 46km with … Continue reading

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Tzoonie Mountain

The plan for this trip was simple… more or less. There’s a mountain a couple of ranges behind the Tantalus called Tzoonie Mountain, it stands at ~2123m and a good 2 days walk from any access point. Thomas, the trip … Continue reading

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Biking at Mayne Island

  After having gone almost five years without having biked outside of BC’s mainland, I was more than ready to join Sasha Soda and five others on a biking trip at Mayne Island. Thankfully, with the summer rollout of Vancouver’s bike busses, which … Continue reading

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A Feature-length Pinecone Burke Traverse

Trip Dates: June 30th – July 4th, 2022 Ever since stumbling across Richard, Birgit, Vincent, and Cassandra’s 2017 trip report, the idea of doing an extended version of their “Pinecone Burke Traverse” had been kicking around my head. During a … Continue reading

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