Beginner Hike – The Chief

A week after joining the VOC club, I decided to create a beginner hiking trip to see how things would go. I first created a group chat through Facebook messenger to organize some logistics of the trip such as timing, weather, and driving arrangements. The day before my first VOC trip… Eric, Gordon, Rhea, and I were dead set on going up the chief although the current evening weather is pouring rain and the forecast for the next day is predicted to be 100% chance of rain. We each prepared for a rainy morning hike by packing towels, a rain jacket, and an extra change of clothes so we don’t feel miserable driving an hour home soaked after the hike is done. Day of the trip… I woke up to the sun beaming into my room and felt excited to begin my first VOC trip. I picked up Eric, Gordon, Rhea at UBC and we then headed over to the sea to the sky parking lot. We began the hike on the wrong trailhead and had to walk 500m back to the start point to get to the right trail. We quickly scrambled up some rocks and stairs that kinda reminded me of the grouse grind. Then took some water and snack breaks along the way.

Quick break beside a waterfall

A quick break beside Olsen Creek

Once we passed all the stairs, we climbed up some rocks using ladders and chains to get to the first peak.

A bit before we got to first peak

A bit before we got to the first peak

When we got to the top, we all laid down on the warm rocks and ate our lunches. We then chatted for a while and decided not to continue on to the other peaks. Instead, we chose to get an early dinner at the cheese inn where Rhea had her first real beef burger.

views from first peak

views from the first peak

Was a great first trip to go on through the VOC club and thank you, Eric, Gordon, and Rhea for making it a fun time. I don’t know if this is how I was supposed to write a trip report, haven’t written much since first year so hopefully my writing isn’t too crappy…

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  1. Mona Yu says:

    Welcome to the VOC and thanks for the trip report! Hope you have many more epic trips to come:)

  2. Lucy Luo says:

    Thanks for the trip report Sasha! Look forward to catching you on future trips!

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