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Bambling — A Case Study

The idea for this trip originated from the fact that I don’t own a car, and last year I did not get out scrambling as much as I would have hoped. RIP my 2005 5spd Subaru Outback named Charli, it’s … Continue reading

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Phelix Demolition

Realizing I wrote this article for the journal but never put it on the website, so here you go! An 8+ month old trip report. Also, coincidentally very apt that this gets posted next to Jeff’s ‘wasps’ trip report. Dates: … Continue reading

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An SOS call, frostbitten toe, and very nearly lost ski – a bit too much adventure at Sphinx Hut

Authors/trip participants: AJ Dreher, Joe Meyer AJ and I had been gunning to go to Sphinx hut for a while. One of the main objectives was to ski the Sphinx – an iconic mountain towering above Sphinx Bay, visible from … Continue reading

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Devil’s Dome – North Cascades (July 29-31)

Got on the road at 7:30ish and made it to the rangers station in Marblemount by around 10 where I borrowed a bear canister and bought an extra fuel can. I then drove about an hour on Washington’s scenic highway … Continue reading

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Ruby Mountain – North Cascades (July 22-23)

Some quick background knowledge: Ruby Mountain is a mountain in the North Cascades, about 3.5 hours southwest across the border in Washington. It is possible to camp around the top of the mountain in the ‘Ruby Cross Country Zone’ although … Continue reading

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All American Brew-Ski

All American Brew-Ski Reading Break 2022 (February 22-25) Americans: Joe Meyer, Melissa Bernstein (dual citizen though), AJ Dreher, Morgan Cooper Day 1: The all American Brew-ski began like few trips to Brew probably do… With a plan to ski at … Continue reading

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Mount Seymour? More like Mount See-Less

It began with an early morning as two cars containing Beth, Isaac, Joe, Josh, Lucy, Min, and Sam ascended the misty winding road up to Seymour Mountain. The parking lot was apocalypse-like with few cars and a heavy mist blanketing … Continue reading

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