Say Nuth Khaw Yum Falls 2023

Day 1 (Sam)

To start the day off, everyone commuted and met up at Deep Cove. We packed our boats and did an intro lesson to sea kayaking, and then pushed off in two separate groups, each half an hour apart (10:30 AM and 11:00 AM). After paddling for a bit, the second group caught up with the first group. As we paddled we got to appreciate the beautiful landscape of the Say Nuth Khaw Yum inlet. There were so many seals, and boat conversation was peak. Around 1:00 PM, we pulled up to the shore to stop for lunch. Some great lunches were made, including Lucas’ renowned pesto pasta, stolen dining hall sandwiches, baguettes and peanut butter, and even an avocado! We knew it was time to leave when our boats were almost taken by the tides. So we continued paddling, taking short breaks every so often, until we got to our campsite.


At the site, everyone started by setting up their tents and then splitting ways to explore. Lots of people went swimming; Katie, James and Elizabeth practiced rolling a kayak in the waterfall pool; some people explored Granite Falls; and a couple people rested after our day on the water. Once we were all settled, people made and ate their dinners. We then all regrouped for the dessert potluck! There was so much yummy food: homemade banana bread, apple and pumpkin pie, M&Ms, and Norwegian chocolate! There were some really fun stories shared about past trips that people had been on. After chatting and laughing and eating for a while, everyone went to brush their teeth. As we were getting ready for bed, we noticed how clear the sky was, so a big group of us laid down on the grassy field and watched the stars. Who doesn’t love a good bonding moment! To end off a perfect day, we played some cards and then went to bed.

dinner time!katie rolling

Day 2 (Elizabeth)

Part of our group planned to wake up early and launch from our campsite to paddle farther north to the Indian River Estuary. Low tides meant that we had to carry our boats further down the beach, but we also got to see a variety of newly-exposed, cool-looking starfish.


Our plans to launch at 7:30am were delayed and we ended up launching around 8:30 am. As we paddled on glass-like water to the estuary, we tried our best to recite as many national anthems as we could (we didn’t get far). However, it was enough to summon a bald eagle who didn’t seem to mind a bunch of kayakers taking photos. We wanted to take a short hike to another set of falls, but when we attempted to land at Wigwam Inn we were warned that the beach was private property so we headed back to Granite Falls. We all left Granite Falls around 10:00 am to head back to Deep Cove. The flat morning water and low boat traffic allowed us to disperse across the inlet and admire the sun peaking over the mountains.

morning sun

We paddled down the east side of Croker Island to the old hydro plants and then crossed to a public beach. We fueled our bodies and sun bathed, but we knew it was time to leave when the tide tried to take our boats again. As we paddled closer to Deep Cove, Sam and I exchanged riddles and successfully got Taylor Swift stuck in Lucas’s head!

pretty pretty

When we reached Deep Cove the group split into two, some boats headed back in while others stayed in deeper water to have some fun. Seven boats stayed out for some stern running! Aurora decided to swim her boat back in, I stayed out as a safety boat/ jellyfish watcher and was incredibly impressed with Aurora’s cold tolerance. We landed (around 3 pm), unpacked, and changed into dry clothes. Then we regrouped and went to get some bomb donuts.

donuts and laughs

Our trip was over, and Sam and I had a satisfied and sleepy ride back home. Cheers to the many friends and memories made <3

Signing off,
Sam and Elizabeth

sleepy on the bus

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  1. Roland Burton says:

    What did this trip cost? Asking for a friend.

  2. Lucas Braun says:

    Day 16 since Say Nuth Khaw Yum:

    Talyor Swift has finally left my head

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