Veeocee Mountain

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Roland: After the Geological Survey of Canada decided to officially name Veeocee Mountain, the recently formed Simon Fraser University Outdoor Club, being jealous, decided they should get the first ascent, so we had to hustle to get there first.

The first VOC attempt involved riding up the Whistler lifts using a "single ride" ticket, at which time the crew decided to forget about Veeocee and instead just ski the lifts all day.

The second attempt was with somebody who claimed to know something about canoes. We rented a canoe and carried it to Cheakamus Lake, put it in the water, paddled to the far end of the lake, found the bush so dense that we couldn't get out of the canoe, paddled back to the lake outlet, got swept downstream, canoe overturned, broken, and stuck in a log jam. Fortunately I was wearing a life jacket or I wouldn't be here.

The third attempt was in the fall, rivers were low, and we went overland via Singing Pass etc. Crossing the upper Cheakamus River was OK, up the Ubyssey Glacier OK, and we were on top! The other feature I remember was that I was the only one of the three of us that brought toilet paper.

Journal Entries

  • VOCJ36 A Reconnaissance of Veeocee Mountain: Denie Robichaud
  • VOCJ50 The history of Veeocee Mountain: Roland Burton
  • VOCJ54 Veeocee Pride: Derry Lappin