Skiing trip to Burton Hut, March 29–30

Trip report and photos by Endre Nerhus Oeen.

On Saturday March 29th, six skiers and one on snow shoers left the parking spot near the highway in rain and foggy conditions. Some skinning and some boot packing up the Garibaldi trail, and we finally reached the fresh (but wet) snow around 900 m, when the rain also started turning to snow. We kept heading up to the lake.


A moment of visibility crossing Garibaldi Lake


Freshly dug steps at the front of Burton Hut

After a short lunch in the shelter at Garibaldi Lake campground, we were ready to cross the lake. The clouds were coming and going, and it was not possible to see all the way over to Sphinx Bay. We used the compass and tried to go in a straight line, but ended up going in zig-zag. Finally we reach the hut and after some digging to clear snow from the door, we were ready to make some food. People were tired, and we all went to bed early and got long sleeps as our clothes dried (or didn’t).


Jason and Shane packing up

Sunday morning the sun was shining and finally we could see the nice area around the hut. After a long morning we went back over the lake, and everything went out much faster than the day before. We also got to see our skin tracks from the night before and see just how much we zig-zagged. After some tricky skiing down the trail we had a break at the parking lot before we went back to Vancouver. Thanks for a great trip and thanks to Alfred for organizing!


Sherry on the way out from the hut


On the way back. the weather cleared up on Garibaldi Lake

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  1. Elliott Skierszkan says:

    Hey Alfred,

    I’m wondering about heading to the Garibaldi Lk area this weekend for some skiing … Having been there recently, any thoughts about how high we’d have to hike before getting the skis on?

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