A newbie’s first summit at Semaphore Lakes

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14 Responses to A newbie’s first summit at Semaphore Lakes

  1. Michael Cancilla says:

    What a beautifully illustrated TR! Thanks Jory.

  2. Alfred Larsen says:

    This is great! You should submit it to next year’s journal!

  3. Ron Maharik says:

    Great prose and superb illustrations!

  4. Nicholas Gobin says:

    Amazing TR! Beautifully easy to read and entertaining.

  5. Lia Dengler says:

    This is great! The comic strip form is a special touch. Glad you enjoyed your first trip!

  6. Shane Duan says:

    Nice TR! This is the first time I read illustrations TR! Job well done!

  7. Crystal To says:

    Love this! I’ll definitely have to make a trip up there to see those dinosaurs…

  8. Jory Wong says:

    Glad you guys enjoyed it :)

  9. Clemens Adolphs says:

    Great report. Really should go into the next journal.

    And to answer your question: Yes, VOCers are a bunch of sadomasochists. We call that “Type II fun”.

  10. Jenny Tan says:

    Jory, you rock my socks.

  11. Angelica Ruszkowski says:

    This is amazing!!!
    If anyone wants to see a video recap, http://youtu.be/nukZSdOnuYI Enjoy!

  12. Jannu Casanova Moreno says:

    Best trip report in a while! And awesome video too. I see you are starting the scree modality of bumsliding (@7:12) Ouch!

    PS: Dinasours are pink these days? Last time I was there they were blue. Global warming i guess ;)

  13. Emily Kuang says:

    Lol this is great, wish I had known about this trip!
    Extra points for more focussed pictures with drawings than a camera ;)

  14. Jason Chi says:

    Makes me smile reading this :) it’s such a good trip report

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