Red Heather Mtn

Edward thinks that Red Heather Meadows doesn’t sound serious enough so the place has been renamed as Red Heather Mountain. We were very fortunate to get up there Sunday Dec 15. Fortunate that we didn’t have to drive because Shu Yu drove her Subaru. Fortunate that there wasn’t much snow so she could drive all the way to the parking lot without chains, and we didn’t need skis or snowshoes or micro-spikes. Fortunate that we didn’t slide off the road and have to spend $600 to get the car towed, like we did last year. I won’t bore you with details about driving or walking. In the picnic shelter we met a lady from Australia who thought it wise to light the wood burning heater, which she did eventually, so by the time we left to walk back down, the heater was getting slightly warm. On the walk down we passed many VOC people coming up with tele gear, but they will no doubt have their own stories to tell. Last year we hung an orange fleece scarf over the Jeep so the tow truck could find it, and one of our objectives on this trip was to retrieve the scarf. I am happy to report that the scarf was retrieved and is in good shape despite being tied to a tree for almost a year. Finally, we dropped into the MacDonalds in Squamish and picked up a copy of Pique, the Whistler weekly magazine. There’s always a good story near the end. You don’t need to drive to Squamish though, you can find it here ->

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