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Hollyburn Nov 14

Isabella wanted some sparkly snow so I figured Hollyburn was the place to go; not much driving, and I could check if the “Aggressive Squirrel” poster was still up. For squirrel, see We left Vancouver at 8:30, which was … Continue reading

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Hot Spring Nov 9-10

A destination: Adam proposed we go to Keyhole because a VOC trip there last year was pretty good. I have had good trips and bad trips there. I didn’t want to carry all my stuff for a km or two … Continue reading

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Harrison Work Oct 7 – 10

The Harrison Hut is hard to work on for a variety of reasons: the grizzlies, geological instability, logging, locked gates, and mostly, a lot of regulations. No doubt the regulators will tell us that their regulations have been very wise, … Continue reading

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Hollyburn Sept 17

Last weekend we tried to go to Hollyburn but we were defeated by the Fondo (Bike race, in case you didn’t know). But this weekend had no Fondo so we should be able to do it. I phoned another VOC’er … Continue reading

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Hike Sept 10

I wanted to do something easy. Hollyburn would work. But the Gran Fondo was happening, so second choice was Seymour. Carla drove. There’s lots of things to do on Seymour, so we chose DePencier Bluffs, because I found a ski … Continue reading

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Hot Brew Trip July 30-31

The Plan: Shuyu announced that she wanted to do the Alcoholic Traverse and she needed a ride back to her car at the end of the traverse, so we figured we might combine this with a trip to Brew Hut. … Continue reading

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Phelix Hut July 1-3

We got the message that the donations box was so full that nobody could get any more money into it and nobody else seemed to be doing anything about it, so we decided that this was the sort of problem … Continue reading

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Brewish Hike Jun19

We planned to leave our house at 6:30am but I felt so bad that I decided to do a Covid 19 rapid test and that took 15 minutes so Carla started driving the Neurotic Jeep at 6:45.  Roads were empty, … Continue reading

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Cypress June 4

Carla and I decided I needed a walk so we went up Cypress the resort. It’s pretty quiet up there, not many tourists or skiers where we went. The lifts are closed and signs warn of bears. Covid signs still … Continue reading

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Harrison Hut Adventure May 24 weekend ’22.

Rather than bore you with details, I’ll just do a quick sketch of the highlights. I offered to supply my Jeep if we were short of cars, and we seemed to be short.  My doctors all agreed that I could … Continue reading

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