Dog Mt Dec 14

Dog mountain is one of the lumps at the side of Mt Seymour, just next to Dinky Peak. Because the snow was not abundant we picked Dog as a destination because we knew it wouldn’t be very snowy or very far. We got to the Seymour parking lot in Shu Yu’s Subaru around 9am. We had way too many snowshoes as well as micro-spikes but we left all this stuff in the car. The first bit of trail is very smooth and lovely but it soon gets much worse, with mud pits and snowy slabs. Snow depth was about four inches. Lifts were not running but we saw a couple of ski patrollers standing around, and we met one rather pleasant Park Ranger who we tried to torture with embarrassing questions, and who finally admitted that her job was to pick up the little bags of dog poop that the dog owners leave on the trail. Of dogs, there were a great many, all sizes and colors. We saw a beagle that seemed very excited to see me. I guess it knew that I speak Beagle. According to my GPS the round trip was 4.85km and took us just under three hours. It started snowing really hard just as we got back to the parking lot. On the way back to Vancouver we passed through an exciting downpour/hail storm. Tomorrow we may try something similar at Diamond Head/Elfin.


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