Workhike- Cerise Creek Trail Marking + alpine lobster

Back in Oct, a few of us went to Cerise Creek to mark the trail with reflective fluorescent tags. We, the beginners, spent the first half of the morning trying to figure out where exactly we should place the tags. However, soon enough we became experts and were able to carry out the work with efficiency. The trail was a bit muddy but it was sunny and a good day to hike. While working, the more experienced VOC members started sharing old humorous stories from the past, telling us all the ridiculous things that happened during other trips. A few of us couldn’t help but to think that we had to go on more VOC trips soon!

Since it was getting late when we were half way done with marking, Phil and Chris decided that we should just head for the hut first. With Phil leading, we started hiking nonstop towards the hut. Actually, we started hiking towards the hut — with many breaks in between. Most of the beginners were simply unable to keep up with Phil’s pace even though I believe that he had already intentionally slowed down his pace for us.

The hut was clean and better than expected. When we arrived, there were already some other people warming up and cooking. That night, Chris prepared chocolate fondue with lots of fruit for us. While enjoying the food after a long day, we also had an interesting discussion about the fact that Chris was eating fondue with a lobster fork. Yum, a feast of alpine lobster!

We finished marking the trail on our way back down the second day. To be more specific, we finished marking the trail with all the markings we had left from the previous day. The trip ended at a restaurant in Pemberton. It might seem unusual as we dined at a restaurant instead of a pub. Believe me, the guys did want to go to the pub but there were three minors. Yeah, couldn’t help but ┬áto remember Chris’ disappointed remark after he realized that three of us were not old enough: “oh…pub…”




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