Hollyburn, Sunday March 13

This trip was created on the spur of the moment, which is the case with most Hollyburn trips. It’s a short drive, cheap, provides access to snow or whatever is happening in the mountains, and no technical gear is needed. Things we did not take included skis, snowshoes, avalanche gear, but we did find gaiters to be good, and one pair of Club boots went on the trip. Our crew consisted of Carla and myself, who have done it all before, plus Brooks from Texas where it doesn’t snow, Taniya from S. India where it doesn’t snow, and Margarita who is of course from Ecuador, and knows about snow. Weather forecast was calling for a serious snow storm arriving around noon, and we were not disappointed, but it actually arrived around 13:00, by which time we had already been to the top and were back in the cafeteria. Serious storms can be enjoyed quite well from inside cafeterias. On the way down we tried very hard to make things avalanche, looking for the steepest slopes and throwing ourselves down them, but were totally unable to get anything going. Carla and I were happy to get out, get a bit of exercise, meet interesting people, and Taniya was happy as follows:

“It was my first ever hike on snow covered mountain and your patience, care and perseverance made my first trip so cherishable that I am looking forward to next one. Going for adventure trips with diverse and dynamic group is so much fun. Honestly, it was difficult for me initially, but the joy of having reached the mountain peak and overlooking the breathtaking views overcomes everything. Learnt quite a few techniques from the shared experiences of the group. I am sure I can enjoy more with each trip that adds to my list.

VOC is doing a great job! Going for my first trip with you guys can be nothing less than a blessing.”

Giving others the opportunity to do things that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do, totally makes it for me!

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