2017 Mt Currie, again

Mt Currie is the big (2500m) mountain that you see from Pemberton.


There’s a well-built but longish trail going up, and it doesn’t see much use. Carla, Lia and I got a ways up the trail last summer,


before we ran out of time. Carla and I decided we needed to try it again. The two mistakes we made last year, were picking a hot day and starting too late in the day. This time, to avoid these mistakes we drive up the day before and camped at “No-Jeep Creek”, and we were on the trail by 6am, on a day where the weather forecast was “cloudy”. Going up mid-week, we were not able to lure any funemployed VOC people onto our trip.





Trail started, for us, at 460m elevation. We decided that, for us, “the Meadows” at 1750m was a suitable destination. Total distance walked was 14.4km On the way back down the trail I felt something snap in my left leg, mid-thigh, at the front. After that we went about 2x as slow. We chose to camp for a second night, rather than driving back to Vancouver and possibly falling asleep and dying on the highway. The night was exceptionally hot; I chose to sleep in nothing, but Carla is more modest.


The Para-gliding There was a massive para-gliding competition scheduled for the week we were up, but high winds on the day of our hike made them postpone any activities they had planned. In vain we searched for para-gliders, but saw only an airplane, or maybe a large bird, from our viewpoint on Currie. Down at our old campsite at “The Place of the Dead TV” we met an energetic and enthusiastic couple. He para-glides, she doesn’t. He was happy to haul his parachute up Currie. He let us heft it; it wasn’t unreasonably heavy. They got somewhat higher up Currie than we did, and they looked quite used up when they passed our tent on their way back down. He wasn’t flying, because of the wind; para-gliders don’t much like wind. He told us that two years ago about 100 para-gliders launched in high wind and got blown all over the place and somebody paid ca $100k for the helicopter to recover them from wherever they landed in the shrubberies.

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  1. Ilia Capralov says:

    I have never seen paragliders in BC , it seams like conditions here are somewhat unfavorable in general.

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