Cognac Peak

Participants: Devlin Mottershead, Jeff Mottershead

On September 30th we were heading up to Cognac Peak. It was a mix of rain and snow, which made the glacier way less annoying to ski on. On the glacier there were holes and crevasses. On October 1st we got to the summit of Cognac Peak, and we also saw the biggest bergschrund that my dad and I have seen in our whole entire lives. When we were skiing back down to the end of the glacier, our skis touched the ice of the glacier for about two-thirds of our turns. When we were at Brandywine Meadows, we were going a lot faster than we were in the boulder field a bit higher up, which is the hardest part of the trip.

We were just starting to head up.

We’re having a break in the meadows.

We made it to the first part of the snow.

We are on the glacier and going over a crevasse.

Skiing down to camp.

Our tent set-up.

Our tent set-up from a farther view.

A needle ice patch with my dad’s hand next to it.

Taking a break on some talus.

Seeing a serac from near the summit.

Skiing down the glacier.

Climbing up a boulder.

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8 Responses to Cognac Peak

  1. Roland Burton says:

    Good TR, Devlin. So winter has already arrived?

  2. Devlin Mottershead says:

    I thought that it would be late season but it was actually early season!

  3. Scott Webster says:


    Did you see smoke from the snowmobile hut burning down?

  4. Devlin Mottershead says:

    I didn’t see smoke.

  5. Devlin Mottershead says:

    It’s a good thing that the VOC huts have fire extinguisher.

  6. Lianne Mcradu says:

    awesome trip!

  7. Lea Zhecheva says:


  8. Nick Matwyuk says:

    Great write up Devlin! You have a very impressive amount of stoke for skiing. I love it!

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