Brew Trip Sept 5

I got an email saying that the brew donation box, where visitors leave their $10 for us, was becoming too full to add more money. With a long weekend rapidly approaching, something had to be done. The weather forecast predicted very hot, probably the hottest day of the year. Carla offered to come, mostly to drive because she doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel on the way home. Dave offered to come, so he could be communications officer. The night before I slept soundly until midnight and then no more. Covid? When we got up at 5 am Dave was already feeling carsick. He usually goes to bed around 5am. I was feeling sleep-deprived. Carla had sciatica and didn’t know how far she could walk.

The bridge across Roe Creek was still drivable but it has a hole in it which we decided to not try and repair. We stopped driving when the cross ditches looked like they would tear the wheels off the Jeep. We walked very slowly for a long time. It was hot. We soaked our hats and then our shirts in streams. We encountered a couple coming down and they said that there had been six at the hut but the other four had gone home “the other way”. As we got closer to the hut I got quite dizzy. Covid? Dave asked if appendicitis is a sharp or a dull pain. We didn’t know.

At the hut a nap was priority but we were already about 2 hours behind schedule. We noted that two windows were left open. I guess we need more signs. The door knob was missing but somebody had added duct tape as a temporary door knob. I emptied half a can of WD40 into the donation box lock and eventually it decided to respond to the combination, and we bundled up the money. The donation box needs a new lock. We brought up a sign for the new outhouse, but the door was not yet open so we left the sign un-installed.


The two outhouses


All Outhouses Require Signs

We took a picture of the firewood supply, but with the woodshed locked we were not able to see if there was any wood in the woodshed.


The Firewood Supply

Then we went home. On the way home it rained a few drops and we were grateful for that. Gorgeous sunset. Did we have fun? Dave said he had fun. Carla, not really. I’m used to type-two fun, so I guess I’d have to say I had fun. It’s really beautiful up there. There were flowers. And bees. I got to wondering, how do the bees choose which flowers to visit and pollinate? Carla suggested a “salad” approach, picking one flower of each colour. But that wouldn’t work for the flowers and pollination; we’d get all sorts of strange rainbow coloured flowers. Maybe the bees pick one colour per day? Anybody know the answer?


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