Mount Webb Hike

On Saturday July 16th, Nadia Tarazi picked Sri Bonthula, Anubhav Garg, Gordon Lim and me from UBC, departing campus at 6:00 am.  With the rain on the way, the weather wasn’t looking too promising, but it magically cleared up right when we hit Chilliwack Lake Road. We arrived at the parking lot at around 8:40ish, meeting up with Josh Ma, Rhea Dayal and Sasha Soda.

Starting at around 9 am we headed up with a positive attitude to match the sun that was finally out. All Trails confused us with the first bit of trail where it intersects with the Trans Canada Trail, until the turn off to Radium Lake. We started heading up through the forested switch backs, and a few rest breaks later we reached Radium Lake at around 1:00 pm, and stopped for lunch. We discussed the best sandwich additions, but I don’t recall the consensus. Then leaving one of our VOCers at the lake, who wasn’t feeling up for it on account of not having food, we continued up to the ridge. After finishing the forested part and reaching the open alpine terrain, another turned back on account of a bit too much snow for his footwear. Rest of the group continued going through the bit of (quite soft) snow and little rocky bits and reaching the ridge at around 2:50 pm. After a stop for essential photos with the incredible views from the ridge and granola bars, we started the scramble up to the top.

The rocks were a bit loose, but that was mainly an issue on the way down. We reached the top at around 4 pm (the time at which we told the group at the lake that we’d be back) and took more of essential photos of everyone over the clouds with Chilliwack lake in the distance.

One of the essential photos, taken from the top of Mount Webb

One of the essential photos, taken from the top of Mount Webb

Scrambling down from the peak, and then butt sliding a bit from the ridge we reached Radium Lake to reunite with the rest of the group at Radium lake at around 6:15 ish. The clouds were rolling in over the lake with the sun shining through them forming a majestic view, which unfortunately was a bit difficult to capture in a photo.

For some reason the switchbacks felt more endless on the way down, but the joy of seeing the bridges and other such landmarks, as well as some fun convos kept us going.

We reached Chilliwack lake at around 9:00 pm, and waited at the campgrounds for the rest of the group to roll in, until around 10:00 pm.

I think this hike is a great reminder for everyone to always bring a flashlight, extra calories, and proper footwear on all hikes to make them go smoother and to not have to leave fellow VOCers  along the way. However, overall, it was a beautiful hike, and an amazing time with everyone! Special thanks to Nadia for organizing this trip and driving out of her way to pick us campus folk up!


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