Sunset Laps at Seymour for International Women’s Day!

March 8th was International Women’s Day – and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy the beautiful views of Seymour at sunset!

*queue ‘Ladies Night’ by Kool and the Gang*

We all headed up to Seymour around 4pm and met up with some friends from the Backcountry Ski Ladies Vancouver group, who meet up for Brockton laps every week. The weather going up was nice and sunny, and the snow had a lovely crunch to it. After a short skin up (realizing we could have taken a nicer route…), we soaked in the views of Vancouver at the top of Brockton Point. It quickly got dark we decided it was time to ski-daddle down. Finding our way back to the resort was a bit tricky in the dark, but luckily Lindsay (BC Ski Ladies Van) knew the way!


It was definitely golden hour (photo credits to Morgan Cooper)

I think everyone was pretty stoked and we celebrated the great evening with a few beers at Wildeye. All in all it was an awesome night.

Big thanks to Melissa for organizing this, along with our friends from the Backcountry Ski Ladies of Vancouver Facebook group!


PC: Dorothea

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